Here's the problem . I have these glorious Smoke Tree Leaves to quilt and I am still wondering what to do with the fabulous spots in the centres of some of the leaves. There is nothing wrong with the tree. It just makes these lovely little golden, blue edged spots on some of the leaves as the colour changes in the fall. I love them and want to put them into this little quilt...but what to do? WHAT to do - and HOW?

This is blown up a lot so it may look odd but I posted the whole picture a few days ago. I have the majority of the quilt pieced now and am wondering where to go from here. I have lots of scraps left over so maybe I will experiment with paint. My Lumiere paint dry brushes pretty well so maybe a few spots can get dry brushed with a little metallic haze- and then... the spots! I have used some metallic tissue organza already so I wonder if some even more metallic stuff might be in order- two layers, blue underneath, gold on top? It is not realistic at the moment so a bit more stretching of the truth will not hurt I think.

I am still sick and now I seem to be rambling. I guess we shall all stay tuned and watch this space to see where the crazy lady takes this from here. Wish me luck!

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