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Time these people saw the light of day!

Can you tell that I am an Alice in Wonderland fan? This is obviously Absolem, The Blue Caterpillar. I LOVED Alan Rickman's portrayal!
 The Dormouse - with his little book of bedtime Tales. I suspect he rarely requires a bedtime story, knowing Dormice.
 This fellow has been painting the roses red. Anyone for croquet?

Themselves- the Queen and Knave of Hearts . I THINK there is something going on with these two. They seem to have eyes for each other.
 He's VERY late! He now has fuzzy slippers but I had not finished them when I took this picture.
Nothing to do with Alice and Co, but the Fisher Bros here have made quite a catch. They should have done with a Whole New can of Worms. These two are my Mum's VERY favourite .