The end and the beginning

Well, one thing finishes... and I start another.

Finally finished the little painting of one of my favourite succulents. It was REALLY fun mixing all those greys- blue ones, green ones even some yellowish ones

Here's the plant. I love the powder blue "bloom" on the leaves.It was tough to capture but I am RELATIVELY pleased

This is a VERY coarse closeup crop of the centre! I really love it and may  just do  a blowup semi abstract. Stay tuned!!
And, the New Beginning, I hear you cry!!  Well, It is also a macro of a peony centre- I must be CRAZY to try this, having been away from painting for so long but I am going to have a go! This MAY be the last you see of this project.

Here is my starting photo- Catherine Fonteyn Peony
I printed the photo on an 8.5"x 11" paper and gridded it off in one inch squares. Then, on my wc paper, a piece of 140 lb Winsor and Newton NOT, I made a Two Inch Grid ( ie- the picture will be twice as large in the end)

I have drawn the picture as best I can and I photographed it. It is a horrid picture as I had to darken my pencil lines in LR so you could see them. In reality, they are quite faint.

Here it is. Does it make ANY sense to you?? 
I have finished the drawing but as I begin adding colour, I see bits I have missed or want to change a bit. What a job!!!

VERY faint first washes started. It is looking quite yellowish because I shot in under artificial light, in the evening and with my PHONE!! You, perhaps, get the idea!
It is very hard to tell at this stage how well this will turn out but I'll keep working slowly and try to post as I go along!!

Anyway, Our 52 Anniversary today (DH FORGOT! Thought it was tomorrow!) and HAPPY CANADA DAY, EH, EVERYONE! 

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