Making slow progress

My loyalties are , currently, divided! On 21 July, we are having a Memorial Picnic for Mum and the WHOLE family is assembling in town for the event. This means that DD et al will be HERE WITH US so some organization / REorganization is required. As well, I am working on THE PEONY!!!

Cannot show you the picnic plans except that THIS is the venue...
A River runs through it... The Twelve Mile Creek, to be exact! USED to be great trout fishing!

The tables and lawn of "Our Site" -LOADS of room for the six Grandkiddos to run

The door of the "Limestone School" where generations of Bells, Robertsons etc went to school. My Granny and Mum and all their siblings, cousins etc attended classes here. This is the focal point of the park.
Now then, YOU ALL are charged with the responsibility of praying for a DRY DAY PLEASE! Thanks and Bless you all. If you were related to me, you could come!

AND... Here is the Peony so far.

LOTS of work still to do but so far, so good (sort of!) There ARE parts I would do very differently now but it is all a learning experience,  I want to find SOME time to work on it between now and the 21.
I hope you are all well, happy and managing to stay cool and safe in this awful heat! We have a cooler morning today so I am off to don grubby clothes and mow the front lawn! Take care everyone!

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