Almost done!

I have been dancing as fast as I can as I am trying to finish AT LEAST the flower itself before the little kiddos et al arrive on Thursday next :-) Cannot wait to see them . Here's where I am to date...

The peony ALMOST finished! A few more bits on the petals on the right side, then the BACKGROUND!!!!

I have NO real solid idea of what to do for the background. The photo was shot with a black board behind it but I do NOT want black. I MIGHT make a nice dark ....... ( fill in the blank colour) and do that or a couple of colours with a bit of the magenta sneaking in just to echo the bloom colours. Unless YOU have any suggestions, you'll just have to wait for my decision ;-)

Not even finished THIS one and I am already looking at THIS!!!! It is hemerocallis Mildred Mitchell. The colours are FABULOUS!! So is/are the detail(s).

Lovely, eh!! I bought two a couple of days ago and planted them at the back.

I really have High Hopes for these two plants. I have quite a nice little daylily collection. Hostas too!
OK, 'nuff for now. I am deaded and need to rest up before the family arrives. I think we MIGHT be busy!! BTW, Mildred has a stunning BLUEish bloom over the petals that doesn't show up here. That'll be fun to try to paint!!


  1. Lovely watercolour work Carolynn. As for the background, perhaps a graduated wash might work - dark colour closest to the petal edges fading to light at the edges of the painting... ? Just a thought...

  2. Hi Evelyn. Sorry! I just saw this now! That was a great idea and I thank you so much for making it. I did use a wash but not graduated. It is multi greens, not too intense, suggesting foliage. Thanks again.