Been quiet- but busy!!

Greetings ALL! I have been working in the garden a LOT and painting in the in between times. I have just discovered Winsor and Newton Watercolour paper and I am IN LOVE!! Much whiter than Arches and soo nice to work on!

The Little Red Iris is all done now. I don't THINK I showed it to you fini earlier??
The one thing I REALLY don't like about the Iris is the paper! FAR too coarse textured. It was done on Fabriano 140 lb! Never again, except perhaps for a large landscape.

The Crabapples are finished now. If I posted them earlier- please forgive! This was on Arches 140 lb., my OLD fave!
I have worked VERY hard on the next one. It is from a Macro photo I shot into the centre of a very colourful Zinnia a couple of summers ago. Zinnias are pretty brash for my garden but I DO like them, as do the butterflies!! I have JUST finished this and am fairly happy. This is the first one on WN watercolour paper. It is GORGEOUS to work on. I need a couple more sheets to play with.

This lies PERFECTLY flat and had GALLONS of water on it- masking fluid, scrubbing- impervious to all. I REALLY love this paper and the colour REALLY show true as the whiteness is reflected through the transparent paint!

And now, I'm working on a small drawing of one of my succulents. It is on an 8"x8" Fluid Watercolour Cold Press block pad and It is only OK to work on. I used a bit of masking fluid and it lifted the paper!!!! Hmm. Anyway, just laying in highlights and deepest shadows. Also the little rosey edges of the leaves.

JUST started on this succulent- Many Shades of Grey!!
I am also working on a larger piece- which you may, or may not EVER see!!! It is a half sheet of WN paper and is another macro - this time, the centre of a pale peony!!! I might show you the photo so you see why the painting may never see the light of day! Wish me luck :-)

And so, Kind folks, off I go to  continue edging the back flower beds now that the sun is down a little. Happy creating! 


  1. Beautiful watercolour work Carolynn - I will have to try the Winsor & Newton paper...

    1. It was a Canadian watercolourist , Marney Ward, who put me onto it. She loves the whiteness and the texture. She had not used Arches much. That was my Go To Fave forever but the whiteness of WN really DOES make your colours SING and the paint is so easy to manage on it. I am in LOVE!!!
      Thanks, Evelyn 😊