FINI!! Enfin!!

Thank goodness I have finished "In a Green Shade"- full title- "A green thought in a Green Shade". All it needs now is facing, sleeve and label. I will face it and make the sleeve but that's all for the moment as I have more pressing things to get done before I go for "the CHOP". Here is the squared and finished piece, minus the facing and plus a few detail shots for the people who like that!

The quilt spent last night dampened and pinned to a board  being blocked nice and FLAT!

DH and I spent an agonizing hour or so squaring the darned thing! I am a stickler after a few small disasters so we almost ended up in a D.I.V.O.R.C.E.!!!

The finished quilt but it is not REALLY quite square.  I just cropped it square coz it was easiest! It is about  36" square- ish! Final measurements to follow soon.

Just some quilting details for the people who like THAT! This looks a bit yellower than it is in real life but that's OK.
DH gets the prize for the World's most Patient and Long Suffering spouse today. We had to go all the way to Guelph this afternoon( 50 km , one way!) after failing to find 1/2 m of dark green "batik" to make my sleeve and facings locally! I have to admit to being very iffy about the prospect of hand sewing my facings down and will not add the sleeve till my hand feels better- unless the facings are not too bad to do. We'll see.  I just REALLY want the edges of this piece protected.

As you can see, I figured out how to make  Watermark Brush that I can easily reuse on my photos. Yay ME and Yay, DH! Once again, he is my hero. He did a LOT of research and I did a lot of messing about but you can see WE got it and I now have a nice reusable watermark!

I made a few pictures that you may have already seen if you follow my Flickr. If not , here are a few recent shots- WITH Watermarks!
Bloom of my Fire Island Hosta just opening.

Garden flowers. If we lived closer to each other, I would have brought you a bunch. These will keep longer ;-)

Same flowers, different angle!

I got pretty good bokeh ( out of focusness) in the back AND foreground here :-D

Nice little macro shot of one of our yellow Rudbeckia centres.

And, once again, that odd looking Shirley poppy with the emerald green pollen.
I feel like I have chatted too long so I am going to post this to the  . I have been kind of slack about posting this summer. Looks like a lot of people were the same. We'll all be back with a vengeance in the fall, I hope. I look forward to posting, to reading YOUR posts and to your kind comments too. Have a good rest of week and happy creating!


  1. What a wonderful man you're married to. I hope you found your fabric. The quilt is gorgeous and I love your flower photos.

  2. Oh, wow, the finished product is gadp worthy. I would love to see it in person. Quilts Canada, perhaps?

  3. Oh please tell me you're going to do the rudbekia heart as a quilt!

  4. You never cease to amaze! This piece is fabulous and your pictures! All are jaw dropping gorgeous! I hope the hand work goes okay for you

  5. It's a beautiful peace. "Love is patient; love is kind..." Clearly your DH loves you! :-)

  6. Love this last piece and the quilting is so beautiful. Must be your finger is giving you a little less grief? Love the flower pictures as well.