A Glossary of Silly Words

Backlit Perilla in our garden- Weedy sort of Basil-ish plant but very pretty, especially up close.
The sun is shining. The air is cool. I am WRACKED with guilt- well , not so much GUILT as a feeling of contrition for having spooked so many of my kind followers as I did with my last post. Now you see the REAL ME!! I am a KOOK! I am a WIERDO. I am a NUTCASE. Call me any name you wish. I am ME! I do goofy things and I ( and my darling daughter too, I might add) have a language all my own and I pity the people who have to try to understand my ravings. Don't you feel sorry now for DH???Anyway, I have a couple of pretty photos for you and a glossary of terms  to enable you to understand the ravings of my last post! Here we go....


BOKEH- NOT a Carolynnism but a bona fide photographic term for the background blur in nice  "artsy"  photos- see above

WOPSES- wasps

HORNETSES- hornets

HUMMERS- hummingbirds

BEESES-bees ( are you seeing the pattern??)

BUMS- bottoms, situpons, back ends etc

TRUNK SHOW- a display of a body of work as IF it had been carried about in a trunk or box from venue to venue. I will be taking about 35 of my quilts "on the road" to a guild meeting locally and speaking about them. MY quilts will get to and from the venue in the TRUNK of my car- which some of you may call a BOOT. That said, the TRUNK in TRUNK SHOW would mean more of a travel trunk. Are you confused now? I am.

THE DREADED SPON- who knows?? It is a condition inflicted upon us via the Goon Show which starred Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan. No one really knows what it is but here it serves as a sort of metaphor to me for an unexplainable illness or wound that seems to have been visited on DH this week. The Goon Show was a BBC radio show that ran from 1951-1960. It was insane, absurd, hilarious and the basis for MUCH modern comedy- along with the influences of Monty Python( which, in turn was heaving influenced by the Goons!)

There! Did I cover everything?? I hope so and I apologize profusely for any confusion caused my my attack of the Sillyses!!! Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.
Red poppy in an Obelisk "jail"

Perilla photo heavily Photoshopped. Could I do this in transparent
 and translucent fabrics??? Hmmm!


  1. Haaaaahaaaaa! And where are the sheepses? And certain people of certain countries. Again big laughter. And thank you. I like your photoshopping and I am sure you can create something from it.

  2. Giggle! "From ghosties and goulies and long-leggedy beasties, may the Good Lord deliver us!" (to roughly quote Robbie Burns...) Thanks for the smile!