Quilting at last!!!

I have BEGUN! I started quilting yesterday and by way of proof....
As you see , I have begun in the centre , as always .

I am also starting with the palest colours and working up the value scale( or down , as you see fit).

I am quilting to sort of simulate the heavy filtering I did with Photoshop on the original photo. 

I am quite pleased the way it is coming along.

I just can't sit for a long time so I do a bit and then change activities. Little strokes fell large oaks!
My kind DH offered to take me to the sunflower farm to shoot pictures tonight so I packed everything up and we set off after supper. The light was golden and lovely and although the sky was cloudy, the sun DID peek out just at the right moment.
I got ONE photo! The sunflowers, although lovely - were rather rude and made a concerted effort to keep their backs turned to me . The mosquitoes were horrific and forced me home early. Perhaps I can twist DH's arm tomorrow evening- a bit earlier, and I might get more pictures of these beauties.
I DID get some neat pictures of the coneflowers on Monday PM - with a couple of FAT, FUZZY bumblebees enjoying the few pollen laden little flowerets.
A fuzzy, Buzzy, Busy BEE BACK

He/she was having SUCH a grand time

Don't you just LOVE the fuzziness ! They say the bumblebees are endangered. I surely hope NOT!
As it is time now, I shall post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. I actually HAVE done sone needlework this time! Yay, ME! Hope you have all had a productive week too. 


  1. Thank goodness, you came back to quilting. And it is beautiful! Great photos of the bumble bee. How much she (!) is enjoying the nectar. Your camera is a wonder and your way of looking at flowers, too.

  2. The quilting is beautiful and the photography is gorgeous!

  3. As usual, your piece is awesome! I love hostas anyway, so it really appeals. I'm always amazed by your command of dyed fabrics. I also really like how you machine quilted it.

  4. Happy World Embroidery Day!! It's a day to promote creativity, embroidery and a peaceful movement. All the best :)

  5. Your photos are amazing -- I especially love the fat bees! They make my trees hum early in the summer when the blossoms abound. I admire your dense quilting...but wonder...do you ever want to quilt less in a given space?