It SEEMS it DOES pay to advertise!

Dear Friends, You may recall the loud whining last week about the lack of bugs this year! Hah! Well, it is the time of the summer when the hornets and wasps get VERY keen to sup at the Hummingbird feeders. Suddenly, we are inundated by wopses and hornetses. The Hummers are FURIOUS. Our back garden is all a-flutter and a-frenzy of tiny wings, long bills and flashes of metallic green and ruby red as The Hummingbirds cannot make up their minds whether they'd rather fight each other or the bugs. Gross as it may sound, the two little red feeders keep running out of sugar water and filling up with drunken bugs! QUITE disgusting! I just keep boiling the kettle to fill up the sugar water jar and washing the feeders and refilling them. Keeps me off the streets and out of the pool halls!

We suddenly have all sorts of beeses too- Sweat Bees ( seriously- look 'em up!), a few Honeybees, regular Bumblebees AND - Eastern Carpenter Bees( look those up too!) The Carpenters are enormous, not very fuzzy and they have VERY shiny bums ( apologies to the delicate among you!) In case you do not believe me, here is photographic proof...
A female - they have black faces. The male has a white patch.

You know how big a phlox flower is...!!!

Pretty decent little portrait

I DID promise you a shiny b-m!!!
As well as photographing bugs, I have been working with flowers - again. I am trying to improve my capture of RED flowers. For the digital buffs out there, you will know how hard it is to photograph red flowers.

No caption required really. They are not too bad,

I bought these glads for the purpose of photographing them. I am not even very fond of them!

Also been working VERY hard on getting better Bokeh ( that lovely blur behind the main subject of a photo)
This is an Anemone Japonica Vitifolia from our garden.
As well, I have been trying NOT to mess the finger up any  more than it already is. I am invited to do a Trunk Show for a local guild in Mid September so the house is littered with piles of quilts and with piles of notes as I prepare for that. I am speaking on Motivations and Inspirations. Hope it goes well.

DH , I believe, has the Dreaded Spon for the Goons among you. NO idea where he got it- maybe from digging up horrible sod on the weekend but , whatever, he is VERY incapacitated and miserable. I believe the cure for the Spon- or is it a preventative measure?- is to carry a gas stove over your head but I don't think he's up to that! Guess the Spon will just have to run its evil course :-(

And so, on that VERY silly note, I am off to write some more Trunk Show notes. Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye! I will post this to the There is no sewing involved in this post really except for the mention of the Trunk Show but, believe me, it IS a WIP!!!


  1. I adore your photos. I favourite might be your Anemone...but then again.......they're all beautiful.

  2. I love how you explain bokeh but expect me to know what a trunk show is! It's just not a phrase I ever heard before. I had to look it up.
    Now I know what it is, good luck!

  3. Oh well so many unknown words to me too, Spon, looked it up, no explanation in my online - I found sud, ok, and I am concluding that your very valued DH was working too hard in the garden and is suffering muscle ache now. Trunk show, ok, I can imagine that your quilts are in to be shown. Love to hear that wasps and the like are coming to feed eating food which is meant for the little wonders of hummingbirds.