Trunk Show

I have the Trunk Show all organized and ready to go! Always a big job but I DO love "preaching the Fibre Art Gospel"! I have 33 quilts all numbered and in order and I am speaking on Inspiration and Motivation. How many times have YOU been asked, "where do you get your ideas from?" Man! Ideas are the least of my problems :-) I feel very fortunate to almost never run out of inspiration. I am so glad of my camera and so VERY glad that I seem to have an eye for something that would make an interesting quilt. As I have been working through my photos and taking new ones too, I realize that I have a number that COULD make very cool little quilts- kind of abstract ones. Abstract is rarely "my thing" . Non objective almost NEVER is. Look what I have found as I have been editing...
Water droplets on a Smokebush Leaf

Berberis in the Rain

Torn- or CHEWED edge of a Heuchera Leaf

Macro of a Heuchera bloom

Salsify Seed 

and another...

and another!

Lots of Reflections

Perilla Leaves 

And some more- different treatment

Poppy closeup

Smokebush Leaves - I have many shots 

Coneflower centre

Part of a daylily

More of a daylily
Serviceberry leaves 
And more Serviceberry

And one last Smokebush shot- MANY more will come as the season progresses.
Now, I certainly will NOT use all of these and the ones I DO use may be somewhat altered from what you see here. This is only a smattering. I just do NOT run out of inspiration. What I DO run out of is time and energy- and coordination in my silly right, son to be fixed- I HOPE hand!!!!!

I had planned to post this LAST week on TNTN but didn't find the time so here it is now and I have new stuff for this week. HOPING to have my hand fixed at noon today! Stay tuned!

Hah! I believe that as there are not too many posts this week, I SHALL post this to the It says some things I really wanted to say so, please forgive, but here is last week's unposed TNTN post! Enjoy??


  1. I too have more ideas (and corresponding inspirational photos!) than time or energy! Thank heavens I can use yard work as a time for letting them percolate...
    Savouring your photos on this first day of Autumn...