Ticking along

Progress IS being made . This is a VERY complex piece but IF it works, it should be very interesting. I have put all of the deepest shadows in (black) and am now at stage two- the deep rusty brown shadows.
The second layer of shadows
Perhaps you begin to get the idea. It's Mummy knows what is happening :-) There is still a lot of this rusty brown to do, mainly small spots and dots that will go on TOP of the top layer but there are some larger areas to do too. I am really enjoying this one but I can only do so much before having to stop and rest my brain for a bit! ( poor old thing I am!) It is good to be working again.

I would NOT like you to think I have been sitting on my duff! I am working VERY hard on my photography - and REALLY enjoying it! It was ccolddd today . I HAVE to find some warmer gloves but I did go back out this afternoon late to take a few shots at a now favourite little pool I have discovered on the Grindstone Creek behind our house. I NEED warmer gloves! Did I mention that??

My favourite little pool

I LOVE the redness of the late day light. No editing on these pics. The colour is all natural!

Yesterday morning  when I went down there,  I arrived on the edge of the creek bank JUST as four Mallards swam away at GREAT speed :-( Two pair- and I missed them!  
I am LOVING this spot! Being outside shooting photos is very liberating to me . I forget everything else and just concentrate on what I want to do. VERY therapeutic! Hoping you are enjoying this little diversion on my blog posts. I am enjoying doing them!


  1. In Manitoba it'd be a skating rink! Lovely colouring though!

  2. Yesm yes, a lovely spot. I like the reflection. And your work again interesting! Bon courage!