Back in the saddle ?

I MAY be ready to start a new piece of work- based this time - VERY uncharacteristically- on a manmade object!!! I have been photographing anything and everything and took a bunch of shots of the inner workings of one of our many antique clocks.

Here is my original photo. Not wonderful as a photo but great to work from, especially after...
...I played about with it in Photoshop Elements!
I will need to dye some fabric for sure but before that, I must decide on the size and have my pattern printed. I am doing the cartoon this afternoon and will take it to the printer- hopefully tomorrow. I am kind of excited about this one. Hope it turns out nicely. I hope to use some interesting fabrics and some heat transfer foil too- copper, silver and brass. We shall see but I am looking forward to trying it.

As DH was out almost all day today, leaving me carless, I spent the day (suffering with a very sore back) playing cameras in the front window . I was still fooling around with the lily and WB settings and my reflectors...

I used the gold reflector to see if I could "warm up the light on the lily ! Seemed to work.

The Love of One Orange is at the bottom of the page here . It was really fun to do. I LOVE the light shining through fruits. I am just kind of crazy that way!
The Love of One Orange. Nice light 

I am having a hassle with the layout of this post but am going to post to the  I hope others have not had the kind of trouble I have had here  tonight. Enjoy the posts this week and send one in yourself :-) Happy creating!
Pretty happy with this one. I used a gold reflector to really "warm " the light up!

As well, I ended up taking MANY photos of one of our little clementines - VERY delicious and delicious to photograph too. I keep looking at these trying to decide if I could quilt one of these photos of the orange??? Hmmm!

The Love of One Orange- same orange, different view 


  1. such fabulous images! Can't wait to see your interpretation of the inner workings of your clock - very cool!

  2. That'll be quite a switch for you. Exciting though! The photos look great!

  3. Love that orange! Interesting tricks with PS Elements...

  4. I love the idea of turning photos into quilts! Lately my art thoughts have been going in that direction, but so far it is just images!

  5. Can't wait to see the outcome! You are so creative.

  6. Oh yes, I could see the bottom orange photo coming out really well. Though the clock work will be a challenge.

  7. That clock work is really going to be interesting! I could see the Orange done too. You would do a great job of it.
    As I read your blog, I see so many thought processes in you that remind me of myself. It doesn't matter where we are, wer're always looking at potential subjects.