Like clockwork

HaHa! I have started work on the clock workings. I HOPE to get enough done this week so I feel comfortable putting it aside so I can get ready for Christmas. Christmas is just not the same with no children around the house. However, we shall try to make it merry for family here. Thank goodness for iMessage and Face Time :-)

I have started here with the deepest shadows. I want this piece VERY punchy so I am using BLACK for the deepest shadows- not my usual style. I cannot tell you the last time I used a piece of black commercially dyed fabric. This time, however, I BELIEVE it is what I and this piece need. "Time" will tell!

To date, I have drawn my pattern and had it enlarged at the print shop. I have cut a piece of plain cotton muslin big enough to act as a substrate for the appliquéd bits and I have pinned one pattern under that muslin to help with placement of tiny pattern pieces. Now, with the aid of the second pattern copy and the light box, I am numbering and tracing my pattern bits onto freezer paper, ironing fusible onto the back side of my black fabric( either Wonder Under or Steam a Seam II), cutting them out and fusing them in place.

To date- here is my "progress" - if I dare call it that just yet!
I admit it is NOT a stellar photo . However, I believe you CAN see the beginnings of the gears and levers.
Obviously there is a LONG way to go. I am auditioning some fabrics today that I have already dyed. I keep wondering if I have enough so that I do not have to dye before Christmas. I may have . Stay tuned.  I will be after the deep brown and deep purple shadows next. I HOPE to make a second post later this week. Wish me luck!

As it is Tuesday, I will post this offering to the I have not looked at TNTN yet this week but there is always SOMETHING interesting going on there! Check it out.


  1. That is such a lot of work to do! But you can see a basic outline of cogs and gears there. Are you ever tempted to leave them REALLY simple?

  2. It is going to be wonderful! I really love the subject.
    What size is it Carolyn?
    We have no family coming this year either, so I'm not doing much decorating or baking. Keeping it very simple. We may drive to PEI on xmas day weather permitting.

  3. Gears are so cool! This is going to look great when it is done!

  4. This is going to be so neat! I love how you are sharing the process. thank you.