Clock stopped- for now

We are having dear friends to dinner tomorrow and Christmas dinner for family next week so, for the moment at least, work on the clockworks has ceased. Here is my workspace as of midnight last night. I hope to make it pretty in there for our visit tomorrow!
That is pattern, lightbox, water bottle and FAABBBRICCC!
Yukkk, eh! Wanna make a bet that it SHALL be tidy by tomorrow afternoon ;-)

And the progress on the Clockworks??? Well,
This is where I started yesterday .
I had a little dyeing session because I needed a bluer purple to do the bit under the big wheel and lots of other areas.

And this is where I finished off last night.
Can you see the spot I am nattering about??

This morning, I removed and plan to revise the little space on the right side that looks too bright. It is the "hole" in the wheel on the right side. I don't like it as big or as "lively" as I have made it.

Later the same day. I have cleaned the house top to bottom and have made dinner for tonight AND tomorrow night. Have I worked on the clockworks? NO. Not today. In fact, a day off would be good. TWO days in fact. I am just looking at the colours in the photos I took and they are a bit too high! The colours are subtler than they appear here. There is a LOT of detail to be added. I would love to have all of the substrate covered by Christmas but that may not happen. Not to worry. It WILL get done . I am enjoying doing it anyway.

I used the new Steam a Seam II and was a little disappointed by the fact that it DOES sticky up your machine needles :-( Ah, well, I just keep an alcohol wipe handy and keep the needle clean that way.

The microwave is beeping at me so I am off to deal with that . I plan to send this off to the This could be my last post before Christmas. It is, however, my plan to write a little Christmas message to you all next week so watch for it!


  1. I continue to be amazed with what you do with fabric! As for studio space...I could just close the door on mine..but in truth, I've spread my work through the house so I rarely entertain! There's something to be said for living alone with a cat! ;-)

  2. I think it's nice to have apiece in the works even though we may have to set it aside for 'life happenings'. I like the process of thinking about my pieces and I think sometimes a rest and a fresh look is helpful.
    Enjoy the season!

  3. Gosh, Carolynn. That looks so lifelike! Enjoy your company. You have a wonderful start!

  4. Give the purple a tea or coffee bath may tone it down just right. I use watered down acrylic paint to do the same. Have a great Holiday. I love the wheel so far.
    Mary Ann

  5. This is so different for you but I can see where you're going. Have a wonderful holiday season and take care:)

  6. If you've done all that work I need to borrow you to finish off my dining room! Mine's still a wreck.

  7. So what, I feel you are high, working for the bike and the guests and cooking the meals -I wish I would be as far.

  8. I haven't been artistic at all lately, but I appreciate the sprockets and things in your clockworks project -- I can feel the motivation returning when I see projects like that! Merry Christmas!

  9. Really like this clockwork project. I've been drawing watch faces on fabric to incorporate them into another piece...when I can find a bit of time. Unfortunately, teaching has taken over my life because it requires such a huge battle. A real struggle here in Tunisia...sigh
    best, nadia

  10. Hi to your blog through the CQJP, while following some links. :-) I'm so excited to see someone (also in) Ontario doing art quilts! After moving here from out West, I have been disappointed to the max to see the standard seems to be antique derivative stodge (not that there's anything wrong with that for those who like it; I don't).
    Will be following to see the result of your clockwork's looking wonderful!