Too many Irons in the Fire!!!

There we are! This is where I REALLY am at the moment. Sorry it is fuzzy focus but you get the idea!

Making great progress on the Kale but it is on hold now for a bit! I started my eight week online course on Wednesday past and need to concentrate on it and on getting set up for this upcoming surgery adventure. So far though...
Still lots to paint at this stage
This is where I was earlier in the week. It took a goodly long time to get the rest of the first basic paint colours on and THEN......!!!!!! Over a day to get the masking off all of the frills and the veins! It worked well for me though and I have stopped at this point. I PROMISE to get a better pic in decent light as this was a phone shot in artificial light. The painting is NOT yellow!!!
HORRID photo but you can see that I have almost finished the basic painting this at this stage. I have ALL of the colours in place now and all of the masking off and will get a better pic shortly. 
Meanwhile, I have started my course with Marney Ward online and have chosen and cropped this photo to work from...
This is my crop and I will be drawing from this version ...
And painting from THIS version
Why two photos? Well the one I am drawing from is easier for me to see as the colours are lighter. The second one is a bit richer in colour and I like that better. It will be on a half sheet of 140 lb Winsor and Newton paper- well, SLIGHTLY wider than half. I may add more to this post eventually but DH is awaiting my assistance.

BTW, I am now, FINALLY on Facebook if you are interested. I am just running out of time. Three weeks and two days till surgery! YIKES!! SOO much to do ;-o

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  1. Your water colors are amazing! Is it ok to ask what surgery you’re having? Don’t you hate the waiting?
    I’m doing an on line drawing and mixed media course from Rebecca Sower and I’m enjoying it.