Well, I have FINALLY succumbed and joined Facebook! I am TOTAL RUBBISH at it and have almost NO idea what I am doing!!! I AM posting and I AM getting some replies but I find it cluttered and confusing. How long I will stay.... anyone's guess!

I have started my Watercolour course and guess what?? I am stressing and uptight a bit! Not sure why except that there is a LOT on my mind right now. So, I am soldiering on, trying to learn as much as I can. The course is EXCELLENT. I am not but I AM learning a ton!!
Our little pink Colchicum is in bloom at the front door. They are kind of gangly but soo pretty! One of the common names for colchicum is Naked Ladies because they lack leaves! The leaves come in the spring like grape hyacinth.

I am just shooting LOTS of photos at various stages.

These are OK but I THINK I have better ones on the camera from today!

If you can enlarge these, look at the colours in the stamens! Sooo pretty! 

Anyway, does anyone know how to ID oneself as being on FB?? I have NO idea. I have tried googling myself and can't find me- but I AM there.

I am going to go and spend a bit of time right now putting masking fluid on mu stamens- it's a hellebore! There are LOTS!!!


  1. I think you can get a Facebook gadget for your sidebar on blogger and it should be fairly easy to set up. I personally don't like Facebook and don't have a public page there so I probably wont be visiting you there. However I do like Instagram and there is an absolute ton of beautiful artwork to find there! Instagram is easy but you do need an iPhone or tablet to add photos there. Do you do Instagram?? It's better than Facebook (IMHO)... !! Oh and I hope the watercolour course goes well for you. I've considered doing a watercolour course but there's not much happening near where I live and it's not in my budget at the moment... in the future maybe... !

  2. Sorry, Evelyn! I thought I had replied�� never did do the FB gadget but I am just lazy. The course was FABULOUS... SOOOO inspiring and I learned so much. Hope you get an opportunity some time!