On a sad note

In a very silly mood!!

Once again, I am very slack about posting news to my blog. I have a sad note to share this time. On 16 November, 2017, Our Darling Mother, Beatrice Ruth Morris, née Robertson, passed away peacefully at Willow Grove Nursing Home in Ancaster, ON. Mum had been there since March this year. In the end, it was a great blessing for Mum. She was having little strokes and was NOT enjoying any quality of life. Even photos I shared of our two beautiful Grandboys did not light a spark. I am very happy for Mum but VERY sad for us!

Mum was an incredible woman. In the little speech I made at her memorial service, I said that Mum was a magnet for superlative adjectives! She was beautiful, strong, kind, honest, hard working LOVING, demanding, energetic, loyal, FUNNY..... I could go on and on and ON! We miss Mum terribly !

My "baby sister", Kim, told a lovely little story which I shall relate to you. Mum rarely let us stay and visit her for very long. She was ALWAYS concerned that we be home seeing to the needs of our families. She'd decide when our time was up and she'd say, "We can talk later, Dear! Go home to your husband!" So we did as we were told. On the day of her memorial service, which just happened to be our Dad's birthday ( he died at age 45 and Mum never remarried.) Kim closed her little bit by saying , "We can talk later, Mum. You go home to your husband! "It was perfect! Our Mum was perfect too. She was 97!!

Instead of rambling on, I'll just share a few images of Mum.

A birthday photo- about 80 years old

My other sister, Shelley said Mum could REALLY rock her BLING!! She definitely could. She wore sparkly bracelets a LOT so her three girls are now wearing some of Mum's "Bling" to remind ourselves that Mum expected us to sparkle always, just as she did!

The far right end of this row of lovelies is our YOUNG Mum, the Coty Rep at Eatons in Hamilton, ON. What a smile!!

Two wedding rings- she wore both out with hard work even though Mum and Dad were only married for 24 years when Dad died. My brother, David gave Mum a little gold ring which she wore on her wedding finger. She wore the rings out but never went ringless. Mum was fiercely loyal to Daddy all that time!

My beautiful Mum at our house for Sunday supper a few years ago. I used to call her Mme Defarge as she knit a LOT!!

Mum and me a few Christmasses ago at our Aunty's.

Beautiful Mum in her early 60's with her first three Grandbabes. Our daughter, Dr Katherine, is the eldest on the far left. This is what Mum LIVED for- Her FAMILY!! I know her arms were aching to grab those babies and hug them all  as these photos were shot.

DH and I HOPE to drive down to see our Grandbabes and K and her husband shortly. I am not sure I'll have time to post again before Christmas so let me take this opportunity to wish you all the blessings of the Season and thank you all for your kindness and support at this rough time. God Bless.

AND, BTW-- I begin to feel the faint stirrings again of my passion for creating. Stay tuned! I have finished Marty's Christmas stocking and we'll take it to him!


  1. Blessings to you and your family. Make sure you sparkle!!! (hugs)

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. A long and loving life. Have fun with the grandbabies. Stay safe and please show us the stocking.