A Cautionary Tale ( Warning*** Some viewers may find these images disturbing!)

Well, we try once again! Here I am, not FOND of selfy pics but for purposes of illustration....
a sane, serious woman- generally.

I am pretty careful, walk a lot, quilt, photograph, enjoy TEA and Tim's Iced Capps- be a daughter, wife, sister, GRANNY , Mum in law and SOMETIMES, I be a silly sausage....
relaxing on the deck with my coffee

Enjoying my breakfast tea

And the odd Timmy's Iced Capp

Giddy old dame

Smiley old Chick

I was out walking on Wed. PM last week, got home about 7:30 PM and realized that I had less than 1300 steps more to get to break 10,000 for that day - soooo.... I went out again and , as I felt great and it was a LOVELY evening, I really stepped along. I was headed downhill on Unsworth Avenue and SUDDENLY... found myself face down - well, side of head down on the pavement! I can still hear and FEEL the CRACK, as my skull smacked against the road! NO idea how I got there , but there I was. My glasses were some distance from me ( and the right temple was sprottled awkwardly to one side). I realized that I was in AGONY but could not get up right away. My right elbow, knee, hip and , of course, MY HEAD! were VERY sore. I was disoriented and pretty stunned but did manage to get myself upright eventually. (Fortunately, a woman behind me DID see me go which was good as I WOULD have a witness, should I need one!) I staggered to a large limestone block , part of a retaining wall, and sat on it- gingerly!! Terrified that my brand new iPhone would be smashed, I pulled it out of my RIGHT jeans pocket and the only good thing was that the phone was totally unscathed. I called my poor DH who was really in NO condition to come for me, but come he did, God bless him! I have seen a Dr and there seems to be no major problem- eg concussion? Broken bones etc. Thank goodness, but I am one sad, sorry looking sight and VERY sore ALL over! SO, as promised, some VERY scary pics should you wish to avert your eyes!!!
The developing goose egg- more like an OSTRICH egg by the time it was finished swelling!!!
The egg as it began to bruise but also as the swelling began to respond to the administration of a bag of frozen corn!
The elbow a couple of days afterward beginning to scab. It is fluorescent green just now and the scab is pretty well gone. Knee is still very sore , scabby and green!
The morning after as the blood from the bruising began to pool below my eye
Such a smiley face and SUCH a black eye!

And the temporary solution! 
Interesting that in shops, people look at me, and then QUICKLY look away as if I was likely a battered wife! THAT is why it was great that the lady on Unsworth noticed and called to me. If I had needed a witness to defend DH, she would have been a HUGE help!

Be careful out there, Kind Friends! It is a scary world. You never know when the road will come up and bite you! 


  1. Oh my, I do hope there are no lasting effects. Heal well and the heck with how many steps you take in one day. Some days more and some days less. Don't beat yourself up over it. At least you put your photography skills to (good?) use.

    1. Thanks so much Dolores! I am OK and I DO still love and rely on my Fitbit to remind me to MOVE!! I need to keep going . One of he two of us has to be able bodied. DH is NOT, not at all so it falls to me and hopefully, I dont FALL any more. i AM chastened and am walking VERY gingerly, not rushing. Not to worry! An aside... were you able to see my "next" post about the completion of Bug Lunch?? I MEANT for this bit to be added to the end of the Bug Lunch one but could not seem to get it right so had to do a new post. Of course, IT came out First. Not sure if the other one shows when you check my blog? Take care Dolores and thanks so much for your kind words. take care.

  2. I too did the same thing August 1. It is no fun. Take it easy and it is funny that the first thing people think is that we are battered women. Had a gentleman come up to me at the local restaurant to ask if I needed help right in front of my husband.
    Take care and take time to heal.

    1. Hello again, Mary Ann. Forgot to mention that I cannot connect to your Blog any more:-( Is it closed???

  3. Thanks very much Mary Ann. I am OK really, worried about my poor head mostly! They eye is looking less alarming now but my head still aches and my hip got badly twisted, so it is sore. The battered woman thing IS a serious matter. How very sad! It is a sorry commentary on our 21st C lives that that sort of thing STILL goes on. I guess it should not surprise as the business of silly old women like myself walking too fast and not paying much attention still goes on too �� take care Mary Ann and thanks again .

  4. Ah, yes, well, I took a tumble smack onto my face not so long ago while running to get soft ice cream...and I looked a good deal worse than you although nothing was broken. Hope you're feeling better. Really interesting piece that you just finished. I also liked your zentangle turquoise--luscious!

  5. Wow ... so sorry to hear this !
    I had a similar 'incident' late August but managed to come out the other side just fine except for a severe jolting of all muscles and joints ... and a rug burn on my wrist.
    Makes you think twice doesn't it, about any movement at all anymore !
    I am announcing a new blog
    My BLOGGER site is not accessable by me (have no idea why) so I went back to one I had started but abandoned.
    So hope you are all better now and that we can connect again on my new site.

  6. Oops ... forgot to mention that it's me, Threadpainter !!