Life gets in the way sometimes!

Still Kickin'!
Backlit Shastas and Hemerocallis in the front garden

I AM still alive, by the grace of God! I feel like I am constantly offering excuses for not posting more often and for that, I apologize. DH has had a MISERABLE winter which has left ME with all of the "heavy lifting". I've also been pretty busy getting used to being a bookkeeper, visitor, decision maker etc for Mum. Fortunately she is doing pretty well. I just have not had much time or energy for working on a quilt. I BELIEVE I begin to see at least the tunnel, if not the light at the end just yet. Thank heaven for my camera!!! It has been my creative salvation! I can but offer a few shots that I have taken fairly recently to show you that I DO still think creatively and DO intend to get back in the "saddle"!

We have JUST had a few days with DD and her beautiful family. Sent them home early last Monday AM :-(  As DH was still suffering rather badly, we didn't get far from home but our oldest Grandboy was fascinated with Granddad's clock collection and THIS was the highlight of his trip apparently!! I LOVE this pic- and the guys IN the pic!
Granddad and The Grandboys winding the Grandfather clock

The beach at Hutch's . Those rocks are an island now in pretty deep water but  a couple of years ago you could climb  on them on dry sand!

We went to the beach one day for Fish and Chips. The kiddos played in the water although the wee one was NOT amused by the coldness of L Ontario! A couple of years ago, the rocks you see forming a little "island" out in the water were on dry land!! That is how high the L Ontario water is this year! Quite alarming. I understand that Toronto Is is closed to all but actual residents because of the flooding!

I am having a wonderful time documenting the flowers in our garden this year! We have not ventured far from home so a LOT of my photos are from the garden.
Hemerocallis Chicago Atlas at the end of its day

Hydrangea Merritt's Supreme in the prime of its blooming

Centre of a very red little poppy- potential quilt???

A VERY red poppy!

I bought an iPhone- 6S and am LOVING the camera on it! It is pretty cool and I HAVE taken quite a few pics on my walks. I've been walking a LOT. One of us has to be in shape so we can function as normally as possible!!! I'll have to find a couple of shots from the phone! It is an impressive little tool! The beach pics are from the phone.
Peony Sarah Bernhardt on the phone

A HUGE nameless hosta leaf on the phone. check out the pollen on the surface!

I have been zentangling but am still NOT very happy with my right hand although I DID manage to get some relatively decent tangles.

A part of a finished tangle with a coloured "jewel" ( a turquoise) done in Prismacolor pencil crayon

I am ALMOST finished the quilting on Bug Lunch but need to shoot some pics for you. I have to left hand panel to finish- the BIG detail one. I am looking forward to doing that- big job but I shall revel in the many colours and patterns I can use to do it!! Stay tuned.

In closing, just a few more random shots from the garden! ENJOY! I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying Summer 2017??
A Rex Begonia called Escargot! I LOVE these leaves!!!

The Smoke Bush seems FINALLY to be old enough to smoke! We've never had so much bloom!!
and one final potential future quilt....

God bless and happy creating!


  1. Serendipity! I took pictures today of your poppies to send and show you they have multiplied I dear my apple tree. I also have managed to get three hollyhocks going that came back from last year.
    It seems when life happens, and it has been here too, we manage to find some little respite of creativity. As always your pictures are lovely.

  2. Good for you. While not as in depth as you, I use my camera creatively every single day!

    1. Thanks very much elle! Somehow, I cannot imagine you sitting around idle;-)

  3. Be creative where and when you can. Nice to hear from you. I'm glad the little ones got to visit.

    1. Thanks very much, Do.ores. We are SOOO glad to have had our family visit!

  4. So nice to read your post after a longish absence ... says the pot calling the kettle black ... life DOES get in the way ! ... a lot !!
    Lovely pic of Grandpa and the gr.sons ... and gorgeous florals.

    1. Thanks so much Sharron. It is good to be back. It took me a few minutes to decide that this was from you!!