Trauma and quilting

It has been a VERY tough few weeks in our family. Our darling Mum, 97 on the 12 April, finally got a placement on a Long Term Care Home. She is really NOT amused but she's strong, stoical and sensible enough to understand the necessity for the move. It is a lovely place and she has a bright room with her bed beside the window onto the patio. Mum LOVES a "sunshine day" so she has a front row seat now. Sadly, she no sooner got ensconced than Norwalk Virus attacked so things are pretty tense. Mum seemed to be getting the bug but, thank God, now seems to be beating it! Anyway, in light of all of this, I have NOT worked on Bug Lunch for quite a while.
This is pretty much the whole piece. You can see which panel is done- as of an hour ago!!!

I am VERY pleased to announce that I have now finished quilting one of the four main panels and am fairly pleased. I know now some things I would do differently another time but there will not BE another time with this one. So here are a few detail shots for the nice "Detail People" who kindly follow my ramblings.

I'll start on the panel to the right of this one next and then finally, do the far right, far left and the little background triangle at the bottom left. It is fun to be quilting again but I am VERY rusty! This piece may not see the light of day!! We'll see.

My garden begins to call to me too. Our weather has picked up a bit recently. Snowdrops, crocus and Reticulata iris are all done . Daffs are following right on with a few hyacinths. I have LOTS of helleborus in full bloom. I need to remove  the old , dead leaves so we can see the flowers!
Crocus Tommasinianus- all done now but soo pretty and delicate

Helleborus Orientalis- tasty to some bug apparently

Iris Reticulata- also finished for this year

I hope YOU are all well and enjoying the onset of spring. I am starting to . I have to get a routine going- working, gardening and , of course, visiting Mum! God bless one and all. Take care!


  1. Life does have a way of intervening on our quilting at times. Sorry to hear about your mom and getting her moved. She is lucky to have a good view. Hopefully, the virus will pass her by as well.
    I love the colors in your pieces. I'm sure the quilting will be fine.
    I saw that you got snow up that way.
    Your flower photos are beautiful! We're still buried in several feet of snow.

  2. Oh Carolynn -you are so brave together with your Mum ----and make such wonderful quilts - I as a detail people am enlarging and looking at every stitch. Thank you for the details. I wish your Mum the best and so lucky she is not to have caught the dangerous virus. She is a strong lady and will soon get to a certain routine in her new life.

  3. Hi Carolyn ! I hope all is well. I have been out of town, housesitting, and hate working on my blog with my mini iPad, so am very late catching up on my blogging pals. I hope your mom is well and enjoying the sun-shiney days.
    Bug-Lunch looks great and the detail superb ! I hope you will have time to keep at it ... it deserves to see the light o' day ;)