Finally ready to layer and quilt!

I have actually made progress! The abstract Calla is now ready to layer and then to quilt! It seems to have been very slow going but after all this time , I am a tad rusty in both techniques and organization! As well, I have been VERY busy with the camera.
Hah! I have found the last picture of the final piece ready to quilt but cannot get it into the proper order . Blogger is giving me the pip today! I think it KNOWS that I have been otherwise occupied, is ticked off with me and this is its revenge!! 

Here it is but I see now that this is not the FINAL piece. I am not sure where that photo is but I think YOU would not notice the subtle differences. I do though and it is bugging me. I will finish up and then look for it. If I find the final picture, I shall post it at the end!--- OR at the BEGINNING!!!
The Camera and I have been doing ALL sorts of different things. I am doing a 365 project- post one photo per day for a year! I think today's is about number 107? It is NOT easy because life gets in the way sometimes but I am doing well so far. I have not missed a day yet!! As a sample of my eclectic subject matter, I have chosen a few pics to show you! Hope you enjoy them. BTW, today was actually number 109! Chugging right along;-)

From my Atlantic Coast collection of stuff- a dry seaweed stem with a little snail shell attached.

A macro shot of a new ( nameless , as yet! Anyone know what it is??) orchid.

The whole bloom of that orchid. VERY profuse bloomer!

A VERY dry rose from two that came at Christmas in a lovely table centre arrangement from Lucy!

Just another look at the dry rose. They were very deep red and have dried to almost black under normal light but with the photoflood- look at the rich but subtle colours!

Snowdrops from the garden ! YAY Spring!! Today, I saw BEES foraging in them in the sun at the front door!!!
The waist of my Dad's lovely old violin . Mum gave it to me over fifty years ago after Daddy died -1965.
And the beautiful scroll of dad's violin. I love the colours and the light . Love the way the light reflects and delineates the carving. These are part of a little series I am working on .

Well, I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I cannot seem to add my concluding yammering to the END of this post so I will yammer HERE, NOW! I have news that I would not normally share around but it is just so exciting!! After ten years of research and hard work, MANY obstacles of all sorts, DD is doing her final edit on her doctoral dissertation and will defend it in the next few weeks!!! We are SOOO pleased and happy for her and soooo VERY VERY proud of her determination and dedication, persistence, and her strong passion for archaeology. Stay tuned . I shall report further anon!
As well, Our Darling little Grandboy has just turned TWO and he is THRIVING! LIFE IS GOOD! Aren't we fortunate!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the onset of spring 2016- after almost NO winter of 2015-16! Hope there are bees in your gardens now too! More in a bit! As you see, I DID manage to get this added in the right place. LOTS of fiddling around but I did it! I, TOO am persistent!

I am adding this now to  the Be sure to check it out! There is always lots of interesting stuff going on there!


  1. Beautiful :) I love the pictures of the dried rose and last picture of the violin.

  2. Life is definitely GOOD!!!

  3. Beautiful work and beautiful photos! Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  4. Snowdrops, wow! My yard just has snow. Your pictures are quite something.

  5. Very beautiful pictures! 365 days of LIFE!

  6. Thanks so much everyone! It is good to be back!!

  7. As always, it's going to be abeautiful piece!
    Your photography is beautiful! I can't believe you've got snowdrops already even if the word snow is in the name. No signs of spring here yet.
    Congrats to your daughter.

  8. Congrats to your daughter. Your macro shots are stunning. Your quilt is looking really good.

  9. Beautiful photos! It's been a while since I've taken photos of anything but my fabric projects, I think it's time once again!

  10. Great photos; that rose is amazing (for want of a better word!) It doesn't even look dried! And as for your calla...superb! Congrats to your DD and here's to many more happy birthdays for your wee grandson. Hugs!