It has been a crazy few months. I DID finish the Calla!
Still has the pins showing here but it IS actually DONE!!!

Closeups of the quilting! 

I must say it was fun getting back to this, however, I think I am leaning heavily toward photography so may cut back on the quilting.

This was fun! I dyed the mottled yellow green then overpainted it with red dye (into the still wet yellows)

AND, just last night DH and I returned from TN from a visit to our dear daughter, Katherine and her family! She graduated on 12 May from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with her PhD!!!! I HAVE to say that we are terribly proud of her! She has been at it for ten years and is finished and about to launch into her career now with both feet - AND a second miracle baby on the way!!! Our cup TRULY runneth over! Katherine is an archaeologist specializing in lithic analysis and interpretation and is becoming quite expert at interpreting "use wear". Different stone tools were used for different tasks and Katherine , with the aid of a lot of knowledge and study and a MIGHTY fancy microscope, can tell now by the marks on the edges of those tools what they were used for!! It is a fascinating field and helps us interpret the lives of ancient peoples through the only artifacts that remain to us from those VERY long ago times! Our sweet little Grandboy calls her Dr Mommy now and has even christened his old , tattered grey bunny that I gave him , Dr Greybunny!! EVERYONE is now a Dr to Oliver!

So....for your further delectation, here are a few more pics that have NOTHING to do with Fibre Art!

Katherine, husband,Clay, Baby Oliver and big sis, Chloe- missing Big Bro, Cosmo

Way out of order but O found a dead Froggy! He was fascinated - especially with "Mommy!!! TINY hands!"!

Dr Katherine with her wonderful Co Advisor/CoChair, Dr B Driskell! Katherine had no need to stoop to be hooded by Dr D!!!

And, just as an extra, this is looking north on I75 near Caryville, TN where a HUGE rock and mudslide occurred a couple months ago. It affected BOTH sides of the highway requiring it ti be closed  BOTH ways till the mess was cleared and the hillside stabilized! I cannot believe that nobody was killed or even injured ! Some of the rocks were are large as cars!!!
Well, guess that's all for the moment. I apologize for being so slow and sluggish on my blog but we have had a LOT on the go! Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful end to spring and anticipating a great summer ahead! I shall post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. Have a look! I am going there myself now!!


  1. That calla is truly beautiful; love the quilting! And congratulations all 'round for the family news!

  2. Hi Margaret! Thanks so much for your kind words and for your good wishes! We are VERY happy and excited for Katherine and her dear family!! Pretty excited for Granny and Granddad too ;-)

  3. Wonderful to read this happy post with your truely beautiful work. And the family story - you can be so proud of your daughter. Good to see all those photos and dear little O.

  4. Love the calla lily! Sorry that we won't see as much of your fiber art but we have to follow our muse. I'm sure mine may take a different direction too someday. I'm already telling myself that if the arthritis gets too bad to manipulate fabric, I'll find another outlet.
    Congrats on your daughters accomplishment. It sounds like an interesting career.
    And your family is growing. How exciting.
    By the way. I have three small hollyhock seedlings. They're almost ready to set into the garden,

  5. Well done, Holly! Mine will bloom this year. Stay tuned. Pics to follow in a few weeks!

  6. Hi, Carolynn. Whew! I finally was able to stop by. So wonderful, your Calla lily and your family news. Congratulations for your daughter's success (huge achievement to get to that Ph.D) and your grandchild(ren).
    My daughter has moved to Syracuse, NY so it looks like I won't be visiting Tennessee, but, I will be closer to Canada! Have a great summer! best, nadia