Back in the Fold at last!!!

Hello my Dear Artsy Friends! I am here to report that I have STARTED a new piece of work for the first time in months!!! YAY! I have been down in the cellar dyeing for about a week and am now starting to make my Freezer Paper pattern. I have been busy with the camera and Flickr . I've collected a few photos to show you what I have in mind and what has been keeping me busy otherwise!!
This is a part of a Calla Lily bloom from a potful I purchased to photograph. This shot has been slightly altered in Lightroom just to give a little more "punch" to the colours.
Here are some of the dyed fabrics I have finished , the photos and my pattern in the background.
The pattern broken into sections ready to trace onto the Freezer Paper!
This Blogger programme is giving me the pip tonight!!!!

These two are pretty similar but here is where I stopped today. I have the original pattern on the lightbox and am tracing it onto the Freezer Paper.

These Urchins and the Moon Snail are part of my Atlantic coast hoarde. This photo is a piece of very dry seaweed stem that is a wonderful Baroque , twisted piece of seashore sculpture- and a tiny snail made it his home at one time! 
I have been doing a LOT of tabletop macro work.

We had a major mild spell and our spring flowering Erica came into bloom so I lay on my belly on a plastic tablecloth on the VERY COLD ground with my trusty macro lens!

These little Urchins are VERY tiny, only about 5/8" in diameter.
I am going to post this now to the and shall keep you posted on the progress of this NEW PROJECT!!! SOOO exciting!! I hope you'll all pop over there to see what everyone is up to. Nice to be back!


  1. waiting to see this work as it progresses…all about the journey

  2. Watching your process and progress! Such vibrant dyes that you have done!

  3. In a word: yummy! So glad you are back, inspired, and I'm looking forward to seeing these pieces come together. :-)

  4. Amazing photos, and your hand dyed fabrics are the perfect blend of colours. Looking forward to watching the progress of your fabric flower blossoming.

  5. Such rich fabric colours. Congrats on a beautiful start.

  6. That Calla Lily will be gorgeous !!!