Still in the land of the living!

Macro of the pink tulip centre

VERY macro on the pistil 

The tulips were collapsing after giving us several days of lovely colour
Spring is THINKING about us. WE are thinking of spring- or I am. Yes, we have had NO winter to speak of here in Canada's sunny south. It has been a dreary , snowless time and many of us are chomping at the bit for sunshine- and TULIPS!!
I actually BOUGHT some cut tulips and took photos of them, so desperate was I for some sign of life. If it had been snowy outside, I think I would not have felt this way but in this sort of never never land- pale grey green grass, bare branches, gritty roads and pale faces, I NEED GREEN! I NEED COLOUR!

I'm having trouble with my blog. I think it is cross with me for ignoring it for so long in favour of Flickr!  It doesn't want to let me type. Ah, well, I shall spend more time here and am very close to starting some fibre art works so will have that to post soon. I have been keeping up with you good people out there in the Blogosphere and you are all so productive! Well done all!!

I HAVE been productive- VERY productive! I have almost worn the spots off my camera with shooting so many pictures!!! For my birthday, DH gave me half of Lightroom 6 ( I gave myself the other half) and I have been busily engaged in learning how to use it. VERY exciting, although I have barely scratched the surface. Learning such a programme is NOT conducive to carrying out one's normal, daily activities! Housework, entertaining, art--- all gone out the window- but I CAN edit a Raw photo now in LR6- at least basic editing! 

Some of the crazy stuff I have been doing. The bottom of Granny's lovely old Huntley and Palmers Biscuit tin. Looks like a bunch of classic books bound together with a leather strap

One of two artichokes I bought and photographed

The inside of one of the artichokes- Love the patterns and colours

All ready to be roasted with salt, oil and garlic- I did it but , despite my love of artichokes as Objets d'art- I do NOT love to eat them! Very costly compost!

The Grindstone creek behind our house with about three inches of melting snow! 

Black Alder branch over the frozen creek 

Swirling water passing over a sunken block of icy snow.

The Creek bank in various stages of freeze

And sumac flowers 
This has been a fun hiatus and seemingly quite efficacious for my poor old hand. I hope that starting up again will not set me back! I will try to work in gently with as little scissor cutting as possible. Stay tuned!!

Happy New Year everyone. It will be good to be back! I am going to begin with my Gelli Pads and paint! Watch this space!!! I have a LOT of photo ideas now for little quilts :-)

Forgot it is Wednesday . I KNOW this is NOT needlework but thought I would post to the just to say hello again to everyone. Hope you are all well and "gainfully employed".


  1. Great photographs. Were they edited in Lightroom? My DH has a version of it (not sure which one) on his computer. Must examine.

  2. I've enjoyed seeing your photos on Flickr, so please don't abandon it completely! Your photo skills are growing rapidly. Well done. And welcome back to Blogger.

  3. Wonderful photos - I enjoy them. Especially those of your nature behind the house.
    Our snow has all melted away and there were only about 10 cm - here in France (!). No signs left. And I am laughing about your artichoke comment.... yes, indeed, thats it! Expensive compost. I never buy them, but I think they are relatively "bon marché" en France.

  4. Welcome back:) I've been AWOL myself and am trying to ease back into the routine of crafting again.

  5. hello! I was just surmising that we really haven't had much of a winter. Then it snowed. But nothing swirly. Nice pictures and looking forward to gelli results! ;)

  6. What beautiful photos! You have an eye for wonderfully pleasing colour combinations....

    I'm sorry you have no snow... it is another strange year. It rained today in Winnipeg. Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

  7. Fabulous photos !... especially love the tin ... lots of colour and inspiration there !
    Still not a whole lot of snow but more than I want to deal with ;) The robins are back tho' !