Happy New Year to all

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope and TRUST that everyone made it through the veil that separates the Old Year from The New?? I have missed everyone and SHALL be back in the saddle in about two weeks. We have a "mission" next week, then I shall clean up Christmas for another year and THEN..... I am getting excited to try some new things. I have so many inspiring photos now and cannot wait to get at it! I think, so I can break my hand in gently, I shall work SMALL for a while.

We had a lovely Christmas with some of my Family.
Christmas Eve with the table all set and waiting

Ready to eat the turkey

The TURKEY! He was dee-lish!
I spent a fair bit of time taking Christmassy pictures.
These are a sample...

Bokeh Christmas lights! This was fun, shot through an old CD  with the centre hole covered by starry sequin waste!

Not a HUGE fan of Poinsettias but this little one was a good one to photograph. Still going strong too.

More poinsettias

And then there were THESE Two! My Mum's old Santa Claus salt and peppers. Katherine used to love "posing" them when she was little. 

And a Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.
This is a small sampling of what I was shooting. I also did a LOT of natural materials- dry leaves, milkweed pods, Pomegranates etc. Have a look at my Flickr .

OK, on that cheery note, I am off and I DO wish you ALL the very best for the New Year. Thanks to several of you for following me on Flickr. MUCH appreciated! 


  1. What a lovely setting for dinner. Glad you had a nice Christmas and I hope 2016 is a healthy, happy year for you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year to you, too! Your poinsettia photos are beautiful, so the plant must be really something (grin). Thanks for popping over my way and for your kind comments. Have a great year!

  3. Oh, what a lovely table setting ... your photos are stunning !
    Here's hoping 2016 is very creative ;)

  4. Your festive Christmas dinner table looks so inviting not to talk about the turkey!! You cooked it yoursellf, didn't you? Or is it possible to buy it cooked? It lasts for hours on end, this preparation! The two Santas are very funny placed like this.
    I DO love pointsettias - usually I keep them till August, ha, when I don't forget to water them. Happy and healthy New Year to you and be lucky in all your doings.

  5. Happy New Year and everything looks wonderful. Sequin waste. clever!

  6. A happy, healthy, creative and colourful year to you !