Happy Canada Day ALL!

Hi Folks ! Happy Canada Day ( and happy 49th Anniversary to DH and me too!!!) How did THAT happen, anyway??? 49 years! A dear friend of ours in Scotland used to teasingly say, "That's a long time with one woman!" You betcha!!

I have done little or no work this week. I see the DR next Tuesday and we shall sort out what to do with this wretched finger. I even had to go and find a smaller teapot this AM as my 6 cupper is just too heavy to hold safely now and when I DO hold it to pour, it takes AGES to unlock my poor finger. Poor me :-(

I may have trigger finger but my shutter finger is ok and has been working hard. Trouble is, I have so many lovely shots now to build quilts from and not the wherewithall in the hand department to do anything about it! That it is VERY frustrating! Ah, well!!!

These three are our purple ( almost black this year) Smokebush- Cotinus coggygria. It was fabulous last evening as the sun was setting

Iris siberica leaves

Fumitory with crystal jewellery

...more glorious droplets

... and just the raindrops on the pretty Fumitory leaves
Bedecked and bedizened with raindrops- raindrops that reflect life around them if you can look closely enough. We had a LOT of rain and I took a LOT of photos in the rain. LOVE it!

As I have no needlework to show you, I will post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com so I can wish everyone a VERY happy Canada Day!


  1. I'm so very curious to see what these photos inspire you to do! Please, please get the finger of your fixed up soon!

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN!

    1. Hi Laurel, I left a comment on TNTN but need an answer fast if possible! I am a Mac person and recently upgraded to the Yosemite operating system and now I CANNOT figure how to link to TNTN!! It used to be a snap. Any suggestions?? Sorry to bug you. Thanks so much, Carolynn

  2. Gorgeous pictures of the smokebush! I've never seen that before, will be interesting to see your quilt interpretation once you can get to it!

  3. I do hope you get some relief from trigger finger soon! No fun! I am loving the photos you are taking, and hope you will be able to translate them to quilts sooner rather than later, as I always love watching your process.

  4. I hope you were happy on Canada Day, you and the guy you have been with for so long. LOL I guessed that smokebush right. :) Sorry the finger is not triggering. Take care!

  5. Happy Canada Day (a bit late - but the thought's there) Hope you had a really good time then and on your anniversary.

  6. Thank goodness the shutter finger is working - and you can show us wonderful photos. I am always glad to hear of your news.

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary. Indeed a long time, we are a mere 44. Hope your finger settles down, amazing how a silly finger can be the source of so much grief. Nice to see the shots of your wonderful garden and I am so impressed that you know all the Latin names for all your plants.

  8. Oh dear! Hoping you can have surgery quickly and healing even more so! Love the photos, though!

  9. A bit late, but hope you had a very happy anniversary and Canada Day :) Wow, doesn't time fly ? Hope the doc has good news for you !

  10. The colours in the photos really are inspiring!