Almost back to normal

We have been visited by a small delegation from the south! DD, DSIL and OLIVER came for s few days and we have had a lovely, if exhausting time. SOME people NEVER ran out of energy!!!
VERY VERY cute and sweet but more decorative than practical! He carried the broom EVERYWHERE but we never got a lick of work out of him :-)

We saw lots of things-
The intrepid explorer, Oliver in a Canuck snowsuit  looking bewildered

Trumpeter swans and Canada Geese

We were down at the harbour, Hamilton Harbour, watching the geese, ducks and Trumpeter swans

Day 2 we ventured out to Hutch's on the beach, Van Wagner's Beach on the shores of Lake Ontario.

These ice cliffs were a good ten feet high
K, C and O on the "beach" at Hutch's, a local beach eatery famous for fish and chips
The ice and snow didn't seem to bother the gulls

On Saturday, we went to Mountsberg and Crawford Lake, two local conservation areas. It was BITTER cold so picture taking was minimal! These woolly chaps are part of the bison herd at Mountsberg. They were FAR away so hard to catch a good photo even on my new camera. Apologies for the poor photo!
One of the recreated Longhouses at Crawford Lake. These people were ancestors of the Huron.

On Sunday, we really enjoyed a cold, breezy afternoon at Niagara Falls where two thirds of the entire world population had the same idea and were ALL there too. It was a STUNNING spectacle though so I do NOT blame them .
The textures of the ice on the US side were fabulous! Hard to get a clear picture through the thick mist though

The US Falls VERY iced up!

The icy brink of our Horseshoe falls with a double rainbow>

Just a tiny bit closer with my new lens. Look at the thick ice! The river itself was THICK with solid snowy ice with huge crevasses in it. AWESOME , in every sense of the word!!!

Our family left for home on Monday morning and about seventeen hours later, arrived at their house. We miss them but we DID have a lovely visit. 

 On Tuesday AM early, I decided to play nicely with the new lens, (70-300 mm) so I took it out to the back deck in the misty cold air and did some shooting of the birds at the feeder. This White Breasted Nuthatch turned out very nicely for a rank amateur photographer. 
White Breasted Nuthatch with a sunflower seed
We are kind of returning to normal now. I think we are ALL pretty tired. I know DH and I are! It was lovely to have time together though and to witness Oliver's early attempts at speech! We are all trying to decide what "Bwah?? means??? -maybe"what?", as in "what's that?" Anyway, VERY sweet and funny little man!

I will post this to the I have been away for a LONG time but am gradually gearing up to do some new Fibre Art work. Don't hold your breath but DO stay tuned!


  1. I'm exhausted just looking at the wonderful photos! ;-) Glad you had such a wonderful time -- now, go take a nap!

  2. awe! Look at all that white 'sand' !!! :)

  3. Lovely that you took me with you on your fantastic tour - I loved to see the Niagara Falls again, we saw them in summer - but this is spectacular in winter - I heard people talking about it. Little O, oh oh. Sweet when they start to take part in the conversation.
    What a long drive - 17 hrs - and so good of them to visit you nevertheless

  4. What a lovely visit for all of you. I remember the days of little people and brooms. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Lovely photos of your family enjoying a cold, Canadian winter.
    Your Grandson is absolutely adorable !