Seems like forever ...

... since I posted here! I hope the ailing among you are on the mend, the unhappy happier. I am still in mid Photoshop Elements with two more classes and an exam to do. Still one more digital photography class to go too- on Abstract Photography tomorrow night :-) I am REALLY enjoying this but, MAN!!!, it is tiring!

We have snow and VERY cold weather. It looks like the Arctic out there today with strong winds and blowing snow. DD et al are HOPEFULLY coming for a few days next week but they have been marooned at the top of their hill with half an inch of ice all over everything! Now snow and cold ( for TN!) and warnings to stay off the roads . Katherine has not been able to get to work for over a week!

The latest blow!!!---- The US Weather Service now predicts a vigorous Gulf Storm next Tuesday and Wednesday - just when they plan to drive north :- !!!!! ( Come on, USWS!!! Cleanup your act! I do NOT want them trying to travel in THAT! Little O will be 1 on Friday. We cannot be there and were HOPING to have a little party for him when they come. All we can do is sit tight and HOPE!

Well, on that note, here are a few pictures of what I have been doing in the PSE online classes.
I still need to work on my caption. Not too readable as it stands. This was fun!

My lily original with poor white balance- so it looked very blue and cold

Same lily warmed up with a warming filter

DD with a lamp growing out of her head

Look, Ma, no lamp!

Various filters

I really like this one!

Well, I could go on and on. It has been a busy few weeks but really enjoyable and VERY informative. I am very much looking forward to using my newfound knowledge to make some interesting starting images for my work. I HOPE I remember how to run a sewing machine ;-)

As I have been so slack of late, I will post this to the and take a break fro all of this to see what interesting things everyone else has been doing. Join me!
A late addition. The homework for Lesson 11! I call her Sally O'Gradient!  Are we having fun?? You betcha!!!


  1. Yesterday was brutal. Today is clear and sunny. crazy weather! What fun you've been having! :)

  2. we are so tired of winter here in New Brunswick too

  3. Those leaves at the bottom would make a great quilt! I like those red berries too. (rose hips?) I really hope the weather lets up on you guys soon. It's dreadful from what we see here on the news.

  4. I love your photos, especially the 'painterly' leaf at the end! And I am so thankful for living where we have no snow this winter -- yes in Canada, right along the west coast!

  5. Thanks, Carolynn, I for my part am "on the mend" - it will still last some days I think. This winter seems so long to me - although it is moderate in our corner. Your photoshop class brings a lot to you - and it takes up lots of time - love the D-lamp-D - it will end up in my "friends" album.

  6. Your photo-shopped leaf is fabulous ! Hope your family makes it safely.
    I agree ... brrrr .... damned cold !