All done! Santa get ready:-)

The Christmas stocking is done- well, all but a hanging loop . I hope Oliver likes it. Santa may VERY well require paying work to fill this one! I hope Santa does NOT go crazy. I just need to make and install a little hanging loop and it is ready for Christmas.
It is time again to make our posts to the  . I hope you will all go over there and have a look at this week's posts. Remember, you can post till Thursday :-) Enjoy!!

Exciting news!

Right out of the blue, just about this time last year, I was invited to submit work to this upcoming publication. At first I was only asked  to submit a couple of pieces and later, I was asked to send more work. Then.... NOTHING! I figured the whole thing had been called off but tonight I got an email saying the book IS in publication and some of my work IS included! Kind of exciting :-)

This is a "buy link" sent by the publishers of the book for your interest. I certainly WILL order a couple of copies. Hope it is as interesting as it looks. BTW, on the left hand side of the book cover, you will see "Rainy Day People" by Terry Aske! Congratulations, Terry.
Well, here is a nice surprise! I have just learned that this book is now in publication - and some of my work has been included!

Full on Granny Mode!!!! (tee hee)

I guess today's post finally indicates that I am well and truly a Granny- albeit one who does not plan very carefully. I decided Oliver needs a Christmas stocking so I am making him one. It will be fine eventually but it needs a lot of work. I did buy some new fabric but didn't end up using most of it. Instead I pieced a background for the stocking front from old Christmas coloured batiks I had in my stash. As you will see, I ended up with some patches of colours that are too close to each other- e.g. the strip of greens at the toe end :-(

There really is not enough contrast in values between the Tin Soldier figure and the pieced background but by the time I quilt the background and satin stitch around the soldier and sew on all the little details- eyes, for example, AND put the cuff on, I believe it WILL work! Here is the story so far....
Here is the soldier, unadulterated

And the stocking so far.

There is still lots to do before it is finished. Hopefully, Santa Claus will be a bit slow off the mark this year and I will be done in time for Christmas Eve's Hanging Up. I MAY put a toe cap on the stocking. We shall see .

I have to copy out my notes from last night. It was the second Digital Photography 101 class - the topic was exposure- VERY interesting. No classes now for two weeks:-( We have a provincial election next Monday PM and the library , where we meet, has a staff professional development session the Monday following.) SOOO... LOTS of practice time :-) I am VERY excited about trying some more shots.

Well , stay tuned for the stocking's progress. I will post this to the hoping that you will drop by and see what everyone had done/is doing this week. Enjoy! 

Busy week!

We have had a busy week! I bought a new camera- a Nikon DSLR, D-5300. It is VERY nice and we are gradually becoming good friends :-) I have been working on If Monet Grew Hydrangeas. I started an eight week digital photography course on Monday night. I am old and frail and need a rest!!!

Here is the new camera. DH also gave me my Christmas present early- a 90mm Tamron macro lens!
I am loving it and learning a LOT! You have been warned... I may be showing you my lame attempts at stunning photography if and when I become more proficient and if and when I get brave!

And here is Monet and his hydrangeas to date. Still lots of stitching to do.
Closeup of some of the stitches. Some floret centres have French knots

Just a different section from a bit farther away

Much, but not quite all of the little piece. The brilliant blue is a bit overzealous. It is much subtler in reality!
I have been torn between loving "Monet" and wondering what I was thinking. I DO like the idea and as I quilt it, I am becoming fonder. We shall see what my students think of it tomorrow. Stay tuned! If nothing else, it is a great exercise in patience and in free motion technique. I have used a million different colours and weights of threads and have changed spools a zillion times! I am working on my 10,000 hours toward becoming proficient at free motion! That is what DH says I need to do ;-)

As for the camera and the class, it is MOST enjoyable. I LOVE digital photography. It is MY thing! I have been flying by the seat of my semi clever pants up till now. Now, I HOPE our esteemed instructor can pound some sound techniques and information into this very old dog's tired old brain. I am certainly motivated and trying VERY hard! This week, I am the WIP! Thought I would share this on the Check it out. There is already some interesting work posted there!