Full on Granny Mode!!!! (tee hee)

I guess today's post finally indicates that I am well and truly a Granny- albeit one who does not plan very carefully. I decided Oliver needs a Christmas stocking so I am making him one. It will be fine eventually but it needs a lot of work. I did buy some new fabric but didn't end up using most of it. Instead I pieced a background for the stocking front from old Christmas coloured batiks I had in my stash. As you will see, I ended up with some patches of colours that are too close to each other- e.g. the strip of greens at the toe end :-(

There really is not enough contrast in values between the Tin Soldier figure and the pieced background but by the time I quilt the background and satin stitch around the soldier and sew on all the little details- eyes, for example, AND put the cuff on, I believe it WILL work! Here is the story so far....
Here is the soldier, unadulterated

And the stocking so far.

There is still lots to do before it is finished. Hopefully, Santa Claus will be a bit slow off the mark this year and I will be done in time for Christmas Eve's Hanging Up. I MAY put a toe cap on the stocking. We shall see .

I have to copy out my notes from last night. It was the second Digital Photography 101 class - the topic was exposure- VERY interesting. No classes now for two weeks:-( We have a provincial election next Monday PM and the library , where we meet, has a staff professional development session the Monday following.) SOOO... LOTS of practice time :-) I am VERY excited about trying some more shots.

Well , stay tuned for the stocking's progress. I will post this to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com hoping that you will drop by and see what everyone had done/is doing this week. Enjoy! 


  1. Beautiful stocking! It will be fun filling it too! I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. It is going to be a fabulous stocking, and will be cherished for years!

  3. You put much expert work into this extraordinary Christmas stocking - little O will love it and it will come out many seasons.

  4. Can't wait to see the result! It's lovely! Your Oliver will treasure it!