Exciting news!

Right out of the blue, just about this time last year, I was invited to submit work to this upcoming publication. At first I was only asked  to submit a couple of pieces and later, I was asked to send more work. Then.... NOTHING! I figured the whole thing had been called off but tonight I got an email saying the book IS in publication and some of my work IS included! Kind of exciting :-)

This is a "buy link" sent by the publishers of the book for your interest. I certainly WILL order a couple of copies. Hope it is as interesting as it looks. BTW, on the left hand side of the book cover, you will see "Rainy Day People" by Terry Aske! Congratulations, Terry.
Well, here is a nice surprise! I have just learned that this book is now in publication - and some of my work has been included!


  1. I am happy with you for this success - well earned. Your worik is wonderul!

  2. Congratulations on being included in the book! I'm thrilled to know that you recognized my Rainy Day People quilt on the cover! I'm very eager to see the actual book.

  3. Carolynn... so many congrats... and a huge thank you for always stepping up with your beautiful work. We certainly celebrate your Pink Peony donation with a $750 purchase for SAQA Benefit Auction this year! Your work is stunningly beautiful!
    Bethany Garner
    SAQA Co-Rep