Making progress slowly

I have to dye some more fabric for the bloom that is behind this big one. The colours are cooler, greyer, less in the foreground. No time today as we are invited out and I feel a little iffy anyway so not a good day for concentrating on BIG WORK. Ok, here is where I was last evening...
Part way round the five petals. So far, so good.
This morning , I began to work on the rest of the big main bloom and have MOST of it on the go now.

Here are the main petals pretty much done except for the jittery fritters little snips for details.
And here I have added a bud and some further shading.

Now I am DYING to get some green onto this piece! That may sound silly but ever since I was a little kid, I have needed some green to prevent things looking dry. Green makes it "juicy" and I like that. The greens will be cottons , hand dyed , rather than silks. The silks have been fun to work with. I really like the feel of them. The Habotai ( in this case, VERY light weight) shimmers so nicely, The gauze and chiffon are both very flat looking but gently translucent but the queen on the transparent fabrics is the silk organza! It REALLY adds depth as you really CAN see into the layers of fabric. I LOVE the effect- not for every piece but definitely stellar for this job! I have to decide now if I will use cottons or silks for the background hollyhock.

As it is Tuesday, I plan to post this to the . There are lots on interesting project there. Enjoy!


  1. It looks gorgeous. Is cotton going to work for the background though? Might it need something silkier? Not to detract from the flowers, just something a bit shinier than cotton.

  2. I love hollyhocks and this is beautiful:)

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I can't wait to see those juicy greens.

  4. Funny you mentioning green because as I was reading this I noticed that your blog background it green. I too love green and missed it a lot when I visited California years ago. The piece is coming along nicely. How are you attaching the gauze and chiffon?