Juicy Greens???

I said I wanted to get greens into this to make the pinks more sparkly. Juicy greens! Then, I remembered - hollyhock greens are DUSTY Greens! They are pubescent so it makes the underneath green ( which IS juicy) look dusty and dry. Anyway, the green surely DOES help - at least to my eye.
I should reedit this pic as the whole thing is too garish. The colours here are far more gaudy than they are in real life. I shall post this but come back and redo the photo.
Now, I have the lower stem with spent flowers still clinging and a sort of shy bloom to the right of this one. She did not quite want to show her face :-)

Off I go to start supper and to reedit this photo. Stay tuned!
There we go! MUCH closer to reality! 


  1. The greens really do pump up the pinks! It's looking fabulous!

  2. Carolynn, this is going to be beautiful -

  3. With fabric, you really have caught the papery thin translucent look of the petals. I'm quite amazed! Wish I could dye fabric like that.