I Know what I am after, but....

Working with a limited amount of fabric in limited colours ain't easy! I have finally gotten the partial hollyhock bloom to the right of the main one - SORT OF! I have had the whole thing off the backing and back on, and then off again and a whole new one on now! It is still not exactly what I want but I believe it is closer and I feel more comfortable with it. I know I can play with my Prismacolor pencils and make some subtle adjustments. I shall- but not today, Dear! It will have to stay as is for the moment! Here it is to date!
Well , here we are so far. this is a very grey , gloomy day so I really should have used a flash but I didn't.
I am kind of thinking watercolour right now. I think the background may be forming in my little pea sized brain. We shall see. This little post is just to show that I am never idle ;-) Now, I am going to dine with DH ( whose back is KILLING him today) and my Mum!


  1. The best colour in our drizzly day are the hollyhocks. You'll get it!

  2. I don't see your vision, but what I do see is beautiful! Enjoy your dinner!