In love with red!

OK, here is the full shot but I wanted to put it under the closeup. NO GO, so here it is where IT wants to be !
Once upon a long time ago, I was not overly fond of red. I still do not love red flowers in our garden but, of late, I have become mellow and more interested in red, even wearing it happily now! Go figure!!

I am nearing the end of the construction of my Honeysuckle berry piece, almost ready to layer it!
Lots still to do before layering but it IS getting there and I am pretty well pleased at this point.
And here we are, late but here- with the highlights added. Bit dark, but you get the idea!

I am happy enough that I am now looking at other photos I have taken of red leaves and red berries , thinking of a little Red collection! What do you think???
This is smaller than I really intended but I think it would be a challenge to do. If I can find the full shot, I shall post it. SAQA wants little 7"x10" pieces for a touring trunk show and this is a possibility? We'll see!

LOVE this. I photographed it early on a very frosty morning on the way home from TN in the carpark of the rest stop at Jellico, KY!

And this is an all time favourite - Berberis berries in our driveway . They are like little earrings!

I am going to try some , or all of these and make a grouping with the Honeysuckle berry piece.

You know what is going to happen? I will be lying in bed tonight, WIDE awake, going over these photos in my head and trying to decide on how big they should be and how I will get the frosty sparkle on those two Berberis leaf pieces. Do YOU do that? I DO have that spectacularly lovely metallic thread, silver variegated, by Superior threads. Hmm! That could work with some nice thread painting and maybe some crystal organza overlays. Do NOT hold your collective breath. I WILL do something with these, but want to finish Honeysuckle first. Right now, I will post this and then figure out a way to escape the inconsiderate picnickers in the park behind us! Why do people have to make so much ghastly noise in the lovely outdoors? We have POUNDING, throbbing "music" invading our privacy right now. Maybe a nice drive for an Iced Capp in the country would be a good idea??? Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Now I plan to post this to the . It is summer time but people are STILL being creative. Drop in and enjoy.


  1. I consider noise a violation of privacy. But back to red, ha! of course loud invasive noise makes me see red. lol Amazing how our colour preferences change. I've even embraced camouflage green! ;) I was wondering also how you would get the frost haze. night, night!

  2. I can relate about unwanted noise!! It makes me long for a cabin in the woods. These are lovely little red subjects! And your honeysuckle piece is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Better the noise in the daytime instead of at night at a campground when there are a lot of others trying to sleep.
    I love the idea of a red grouping and those photos are stunning. How big is your Honeysuckle berry piece. It's not totally red and neither are the others...

  4. That's so neat!! Love the photos you have... I can't wait to see it completed! :)

  5. I never understand why people seem to think that everyone wants to listen to their music at that volume.
    I sure love all those reds! I'd be lying awake thinking about how I'd do them too. It sure will be pretty.

  6. Your work is amazing! Love your header.