New work! Try again :-(

Well, here goes round two. I wrote a nice little post last night, tried to post to TNTN and lost the whole thing!! Grrr!!So, here we go again, girls.

I have started a new piece at last- YAY!! Remember the foot square one I donated to the SAQA Benefit Auction?
My honeysuckle berries.
Well, I hated giving this one away. My poor old DH is still devastated so I decided to do a larger version. I am using the same photo but instead of cropping it to a small square section, I am using most of the picture.
The whole photo . 
I am not using quite all of it but most. The next problem after making a larger version of my pattern was to be sure I had enough hand dyed fabric to do the job. Apart from enough background colour to do the trick, I found I was ok. I would have chosen a less intense colour for the background but did not have anything and , being lazy, chose this darker piece but I think now that I like it. It is nicely mottled.
This is a fuzzy sort of photo but you get the idea. Very early in the process!

And here are the fabrics and the picture I am working from.
I will post this to the . To correct a little booboo, it was I who was fortunate enough to win the Christmas panel, not someone called Carol :-) so thank you, Sew Sisters! Check out TNTN and enjoy!


  1. This will be just lovely. I like the colours!

  2. Oh that is going to be so yummy! I can understand why the first one was hard to part with, and I'll bet it goes quickly at the auction. :-)

  3. That SAQA piece is so beautiful. I can see the temptation of a bigger piece--gorgeous colors.
    best, nadia

  4. I can understand why it was hard to give that piece to SAQA - love the bigger version you are working on - it looks amazing. Your colour sense is so spot on! sigh

  5. I was showing off your work to a colleague today. She was as impressed as I am!

  6. I love this photo and the subject material. Beautiful colours! It must be wonderful to work on.

    Congrats on your win, too!

  7. Congrats on the win!
    I'm still amazed at all the colors that you hand dye. That is a major feat to me!

  8. Lovely colour palette. I too love that you hand dye your fabrics:)