Great plan, if I do say so!

I have begun to quilt the Honeysuckle berries and I MUST say, I am a genius!! (Hah!) Anyway, I really want the berries to stand out as they do on the bush in the fall. That's why the Waxwings have such easy pickings :-) I have quilted all of the leaves, branches and twigs , and, of course, the berries. The berries themselves have minimal quilting because I really wanted them to stand up above the rest of the shapes. SO.... What to do with the background??? Well, brilliant idea! In the original photo, there are a zillion tiny twigs everywhere in the background. I only appliqued a few , but here is my plan. Intensively quilt the background spaces with fairly straight line quilting to suggest branches in HOPES of flattening the background, thus allowing the leaves to stand out somewhat and to REALLY let the berries shine. Here is the result. Judge for yourself whether it worked....
Here is the whole piece, so far. I am not sure in this pic if you can tell where the background IS quilted!
Hopefully, you get the idea here

These are all basically the same part of the quilt but ..

Some shots show better than others

LOVE the red shiny berries! I am working on a Berberis piece now , also great fruits- also RED! ( and SHINY!)
I HOPE to JUST squeak in under the wire with this for . I am a bit late this week but there are LOTS of other , more organized people who HAVE posted! Enjoy.

OOPS! Missed for this week :-(


  1. I think I would need to see this in person to get the effect. It looks beautifully done, though! This is a nice one to keep for yourself. :D

  2. It's wonderful! I really think this is one of my favourites.

  3. of course you are a genius! This looks incredible!

  4. A wonderful piece; as Monica said, I too would like to see it "up close and personal" to really get the details.

  5. The berries really do pop, even without the close up. This is truly exquisite ! I'm still in awe of your dyed fabrics!