Gelli Arts Printing Plate

These things are FUNNN and a great way to rest my finger. No pinchy gripping, just smushing and painting and printing! Great . I have been pulling prints galore, some nice, some not so nice. I will show a few so you can see.
A step too far :-(

Reminds me of frog's eggs.

Love this one...

...and this one. This reminds me of Mediaeval floor tiles.

Pale but possibilities

Too much paint :-(

Makes me think of an Hawaiian Tourist's shirt- GARISH!

I'll add some more around the edges so I can include the top leaf.

Do I like this one?

Possibilities, but needs more detail, maybe embroidered??
As you see, it is coming along but I have a long way to go. Every one I do teaches me something though. My WB could have been better but I was hurrying. In reality, the colours are brighter.

DH has been playing with my serious quilts and has finally found a superb method for photographing them accurately AND getting a white ( or black) background WITHOUT damaging or altering the edges of the quilt, just like SAQA wants. Between lights, WB and Photoshop he has a fool proof method now that is VERY accurate. I am VERY excited!

I will post this to the I am anxious to see what everyone posts this week. Post something yourself and show us what YOU do.


  1. Very pretty, your gel prints. You could really do something wonderful with them. And I'm interested in your DH's "foolproof" method for photographing your work. Maybe a tut?

  2. So let me get this right... they're on cloth? Not paper. I like that bottom one with the leaf - and the pale one as well. In fact I'm impressed with them all. I never do anything remotely like this.

  3. I confess I have the supplies to do this...using 'regular' gelatin. Yours inspire me...maybe I'll have a go.

  4. Yay for hubby! And double yippee for your prints. Wonderful!

  5. I love 'pale but possibilities'. I would free motion all over that one! :)

  6. fabulous mono prints - I really REALLY have got to give it a try! so glad you've got the photos sorted out

  7. I've just been researching gelli plates....they sound like they have great potential don't they.

  8. What an interesting technique; alas, I my experience with paint makes me stay with thread ;). Beautiful. I am curious what you will do with them.