I AM making slowish progress on my Daylily- Mildred Mitchell. DH has not been well. I have hurt my back. It is a sad story but here's where I am.
Well.. here's where I WAS a few days ago!! 

And, bit by bit, Progress IS being made. I have had a LOT of interruptions and a LOT of drying time because of many layers of glazing washes but this is where I finished off before supper today. Now I have pretty much lost my light for the day.
I am really enjoying this and am VERY anxious to get a good long run at it but it has been very sporadic- and not the best atmosphere for keeping one's mind on the task at hand!

Some of these colours are BEASTLY difficult to figure out! I'm using a mixture of Winsor and Newton and Daniel Smith paints. I know W&N pretty well but DS colours are still relatively new to me and even though I THINK I know what a particular colour looks like and how it mixes, I get foxed... OFTEN!There has been a LOT of experimentation. I am learning!

I am hoping to audit a Watercolour Class in the fall if all goes well. The artist who runs it, Marney Ward is a SUPERB Canadian watercolour artist, specializing in florals. Check her out. She juries the people she allows to take the full course but, as I have virtually NO body of work ( in watercolour, anyway) this is not the year to apply to do the full course. However, I believe that as long as one pays, anyone can audit. I am VERY much looking forward to the course beginning. Meantime, I need to finish up, pick a new subject to do to follow along with the class and get my W&N paints in order. Marney is a W&N girl  with a few added DS colours and she works on W&N 140 lb paper. Assuming the class runs and that I am allowed to participate, I'll post progress as I go. Stay tuned.

Enough for now. It is a TAD cooler tonight. We have a mission to do right now and then home to put the garbage out for collection tomorrow. Cheerio all. Take care and keep on creating!

BTW, Fibre Content show will be starting very soon. I had three pieces selected to be shown- likely my Swan Song in Fibre Arts. I'll post the details shortly.

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  1. Hi Carolynn -- your lily is exquisite!! What an eye you have! As for the comments on my blog...notifications seem to have stopped again. I will just have to check from time to time. Thanks for dropping by!