I am sorry I have been so slack posting lately but here I go again, if a tad late!

I TRIED to psyche myself up to put a background in but decided to take the "chicken's way" out and just leave it white!
I SHALL still fool around with the magnolia branches themselves, just to sharpen them up a bit but basically, this is IT for this little pic!

I forget if I showed you this one?? I don't mind the bloom - mostly- but I do NOT like the background!!!( so you are apt NEVER to see it!)

And here is the most recent "finished" one!! It is a pink hellebore from our garden. Still needing a bit of touchup but I am calling it pretty much fini!

Parts of this hellebore make me fairly happy . I started with the background and kind of lost it in a few spots- you can see the blurp of Rich Green Gold in the lower two petals but I am not too worried about that. I DID try some negative painting but only semi successfully. I DO like the stamens and nectaries but they need a bit of work in a couple of spots. I am also quite pleased with the "translucency" of the back lit bloom. Some of the shadows are fairly successful too.

I have been drawing a lot- some, almost every day and things are finally looking up. No examples here but I'll maybe shoot a few pics so you can see. DH is NOT able to garden or to help me much out there just now so our garden work falls to ME! I have worked VERY hard all week- raking, weeding, seeding, pruning and generally tidying up. BIG JOB for one little old woman! I LOVE it , but I really missed my paints. We are expecting rain tomorrow so I HOPE to get back at it!

Just a quick catchup from our house and garden. I hope you all enjoy a safe, happy Victoria Day weekend. I'll spend a BIT of time digging out my sandals and thinking of getting some new WHITE trousers for the summer! The ones I HAVE been wearing are so thin from over wear that they border on indecent! Mighty cool on a hot day though!!!! Cheerio for now!!

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  1. Lovely paintings Carolynn - I love the magnolia especially! I'm looking forward to painting my roseswhen they bloom...