Magnolia blooms

As far as I got before supper
 Heart's DELIGHT!!! I got a WHOLE afternoon of painting! It felt soooo good to concentrate. I started off with a photo I took at least ONE year ago- maybe two.
I have drawn in the three main blooms and have begun the painting . I'll decide later how many more I want and what to do with the background. I like the deep soft grey green AND the yellow! That's our neighbour's Forsythia. Stay "tooned"!

I began with a single bloom , got it to a place where I felt reasonably happy and then started the middle one.
First bloom- the far left end. Stopped and then moved on to the middle one...
I see now a small error I made in my drawing. I'll correct it - I HOPE and will say my prayers that it will be repairable because, to THIS point, I am fairly pleased.

Painting on every other petal- non adjacent ones so the paint doesn't run when neighbouring petals are both wet together. 
I kept working and am trying to decide how many more blooms I'll do, what I should do with the background and whether I could add two more blooms but loosely, allowing their colour to bleed out into the surrounding paper??? Here is where I am to date...
Guess I will try at least to correct my goof tonight. I am pretty weary so I MAY not do anything else tonight. I'll post this much for now and hope you enjoy this so far.
Cheerio for now!


  1. It looks beautiful so far Carolynn and try as I might I can't see where you made a mistake with the drawing, so it can't be that bad... !

    1. Oh, thanks Evelyn! You are very kind. I just misinterpreted a couple of little spots and have had to TRY to make amends. Maybe it is better to leave it alone. I'll post again at the end of the day and see what you think! still trying to decide what to do with the background!!! Happy Painting!

  2. Ahhhhh YES ! drawing and painting flowers is such a delight !
    (every spring I start all over again ;-) pick a flower from the garden and draw !)

  3. Love the magnolias. Mine are blooming right now. Awesome painting.