There and Back Again!!!

We have been abroad in the land!! We are home safely now ( and that was NOT guaranteed at ALL!!) We had a BALL with DD , DSIL and our two delightful Grandboys! WHAT A TREAT!!!!

While we were there, I shopped for some new paint and paper and brushes and I had already ordered some more online and sent things to our Daughter.
The brushes, from L to R are- a W&N Chinese caligraphy brush, a Princeton rigger, a size 8 Isabey Squirrel hair wash brush and two Rosemary and Co brushes- a size 10 synthetic triangle brush and a series 40 triangle brush. All have passed muster, although we are yet to become VERY GOOD friends! 

And four new DS paint colours- L to R- Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine, Rich Green Gold, Lavender and Cascade Green- DELICIOUS ALL!!
I messed with the paint and the brushes just to try them out!
L to R, colours are Cascade Green, Lavender, Rich Green Gold and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. I let the water spread them and each is PERFECT! The Daniel Smith paints are VERY potent! The little squiggles at he bottom are made with the wee Rigger Brush! LOVE it!
I also played with the wash brush, made a very small wash and then tried DD's plastic wrap on top...
Once dry, I could see jungle leaves near the bottom so played with that. That was fun!
Then my eldest Grandboy painted some pictures for Granddad and me. GB is 4!  One is not signed but by the style, palette and the interesting and unique techniques used, I am SURE it is by the same artist ;-)
The greeny, browny one is for Granddad as he likes trees and leaves  etc. The colourful ones are for Granny, as she loves colour and flowers. They now adorn our frig door :-)
And, whilst there, I shot Dogwood blooms!! They are a bit past prime but still lovely and I want to draw and paint them so I took a LOT of pics!! Enjoy!!!

Aren't they lovely!!! I have been shooting Hellebores in our garden this afternoon. While we were away, there was a severe ice storm ( we drove 18 hours through it !!!!! HORRIBLE and SOOO dangerous!)
A helleborus Niger in our icy, freezing garden!

Just the centre to study and to draw!

Isn't it delicious!!

We had a great time but are happy to be home safely! It is AWFULLY silent here in OUR house! All the fun and frivolity is far far away now :-(
Look at her lovely little face!

A red Hellebore Orientalis blooming its little heart out in the ice!

I hope that you have all had a good week and that you have been creative. I also hope that YOUR weather is better than ours! While we were south, we had about a day and a half at almost 90F - and then the Ice Age returned! Not to worry! The Sun shone ALL day and all night where the little fellows were! SUCH a joy! Happy creating, Friends. Take care of yourselves!

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  1. I love the new Daniel Smith colours - very gorgeous! I think your grandson is a budding artist... !