Needing my new Wash Brush!!

Hello, All!! It is WILDLY WINDY here today- gusts over 100 kph! Just had my hair done this AM . It is full of gunk so when I get out in the wind!!!! YIKES!

Anyway, continuing to work through Jean Haines' exercises. I used a branch of my own Honesty pods and my own drawing to work from and used MsHaines' method. It was very enjoyable but also a tad frustrating.
This was my initial wash . It is OK but I can see that I REALLY need my new Wash Brush so I can get a great, sloppy, more even wash. As it stands, I did this with a size 10 W&N Sable brush and a size 12 Escoda one. Just TOO hard to get NICE slop!
My new brush currently lives in TN with DD.  We are off to visit her and the Little Boys and our dear SIL next week. Cannot WAIT! We haven't seen them since last July! There are also three new Daniel Smith paint colours living there which shall also be coming home with me :-)

Continuing on with my Honesty Pods experiment-
Here's where I ended up. It is on 140 lb cold pressed paper- a 9"x12" WC block ( so NOT stellar paper) . The largest brush I used was my #12 Escoda  and the smallest, my W&N #3 Rigger. I will try the same piece again using the new brush when I get it and a NICE piece of Arches 140 lb. I am trying to decide if I might change the colours, orientation ...???
This was a very good learning experience too. If you look carefully, there is an X in the centre that is most UN-Lunaria looking. It was just caused by carelessness. I shall do better next time! The branch of seed pods I am using is curved downward gracefully but the way I painted the crisscrossing twigs makes it look like they burst in all directions from a central spot! Anyway, I DO like some aspects of this so I shall not be TOO hard on myself.

I am still a BIT reluctant to sign this . It IS my branch, my own drawing and my work BUT, it IS Jean Haines' idea. Maybe I'll sign the next one and be SURE that it is ALL MY OWN . I am VERY serious about copyright! We ALL should be!


  1. I am liking your water color sketches. Lots of areas would make awesome art quilts.

    1. Thanks May Ann! I am not doing much fibre art just now. Too much else on the go and I am finding the physical nature of my quilting a bit much. Not giving up but definitely slowing down!

  2. Love it , your Honesty Pods in the painting. Sign it!!! with the attribution „in honor of“ or something the like ....