Quilting begun

Well, after a whirlwind visit with our DD and family, the quilting has begun again. It is a good way to drown one's sorrows at losing this...OOPS!! Thanks for the hot tip, Dolores:-) - Fear not folks! This little boy is well and full of beans as usual- just a L O N G , L  O  N   GGG way from us! His Mummy and Daddy- likewise :-( Thank Goodness for Face Time!
After that photo, the quilt looks pretty shabby! I have started the quilting on Poppies Aglow II. DH was worried about the wrinkled background:-) I am NOT! That is what the quilting does... levels everything out nicely! So here is where I am at the moment. I will be tied up for a couple of days so progress may be slow.

The bottom picture is the truest colour. The top one is heavy on the blues  which is inaccurate but you get the idea of the quilting.

OK, VERY short of time today but I wanted to post to the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. They had some sort of glitch last week but I see they are back firing on all cylinders this week. Enjoy the other posts and enjoy the long weekend!


  1. So that's where you've been.
    The first paragraph sounds pretty ominous - you may want to re-write it.
    Have fun with creating.

  2. Thanks Dolores! I am known for leaving things hanging and open to interpretation. Better??

  3. He's a real cutie! That photo looks like it would make a great portrait quilt. The poppies look fabulous!

  4. What a cute little fella! He would be hard to leave! FaceTime and Skype do help a bit though.
    The poppies are beautiful! As always I'm amazed at how you dye and match all the colours.

  5. Oh my, this little guy is so sweet - and the poppies are beautiful -I always admire the dyed fabrics - the colours are so vibrant.