Happy Canada Day ETC!

01 July, 1867 - Canada became a country.
01 July, 1966 - DH and I were married
01 July, 2014 - Canada still going strong
                      - 48 years later- DH and I still going strong!

And early this morning, THIS young man was also going strong!! We had a nice Face Time visit before he fell asleep.

Hope you have all had a lovely day. It is HOTTT and humid here today so we are playing it calmly and dining out tonight to celebrate. Love to all, even if you are not Canadian :-) BTW, O is lying on the I Spy quilt I made for him . NB the maple leaf square near his left ear !!

Just in case you thought I had given up..
I had a wacky moment and wondered about putting a little chequerboard strip down one side of the Poppies piece. I did't like it though - so here is the final look , awaiting layering and quilting- starting tomorrow!
OOHH! This does not look well focussed but you get the idea. I removed some detail from the lower front centre petal. I like it better this way.

So now, after feeling like this was a Sunday all day, I realized it was Tuesday so I am going to pop this over onto the needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.com. A few people have already posted so check out the site. 


  1. I enjoy seeing your work each week. Happy Anniversary!!! Ours is on the 7th...41 years. keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. Yes, happy anniversary and happy Caanda Day

  3. Happy Happy! I like the idea of that checkerboard but maybe not for the poppies! ;)

  4. Happy Canada Day (even if I'm a bit late!)

  5. Love the poppy piece! Your grandson is beautiful! Isn't face time grand!

  6. Happy July 1st!!

    I love saturated colors in your poppy piece! I agree it looks better without the checkerboard.

  7. That poppy piece is truly lovely! The checkerboard edge would have been fun, but definitely would have changed the personality of the piece!