Sunday, 23 March 2014

NOW we've got it!!

Ready - at last- to begin the detailed finishing on this piece. It has been an adventure!!
The background was a problem. I made two pieces but never quite got the balance of colours I really wanted. However, with some judicious and clever manipulations, I finally settled on this one and with a bit more fooling about, I BELIEVE I will like it. I have more grapes to do and some little background details and then- the lily gilding!This is always the hardest stage for me. You know how you have been so close to something for so long that you just don't really SEE it any more! THAT is where I am right now so Wire Fence II is pinned on my portable design wall and I am at the "stare at it" stage now. It WILL all fall into place ( she said, confidently!) I expect an epiphany very soon! Perhaps a number of little epiphanies.
Here is where I am just now. Many details to be added. Some highlights and some shadows and just generally making it POP! It should soon be ready to quilt.
Next time you see this, it SHOULD be better- more like what I am aiming for. Right now, I go to make more grapes :-)


  1. The background is excellent. It gives an impression of more foliage behind the main focus vine.

  2. What I can see is so good. The green leaves are looking like you put them there right of the real vine - so real. And I like your background - it makes the leaves and the grapes pop out.

  3. Love it. Having grown up on a fruit farm it is just like being in the vineyard!

  4. The background is right on target! I knew it would be.

  5. The bits of blue are amazing!

  6. I think it's wonderful. I also think the highlights will help you like it. At the moment all the blue seems to be top right - though it isn't, there's blue in the wires bottom left. Once you highlight them I think you'll feel better about it.

    I love what you've done with the background. It really looks like foliage.

  7. Well I think it's perfect! The leaves glow against Thea background.once you start 'gilding the lily', it's really going to come alive.
    I agree with the last commenter. A few blue high litres here and there will add balance.
    It's one of my favourites!