NOW we are rolling.....

OK, progress, though shaky, IS being made. I have 16 leaves to do and have finished 7 and am just starting on the ninth (which is leaf #8!!!- I skipped #6 for the moment !) I cannot believe how STUPID I am ! I have only been away from this for a month and have made soo many silly errors. Got it working smoothly again now though and , to date, I am fairly pleased. I still am not sure what I want for a background colour. I will wait till I see more of this and then decide.

:-) Speaking of "to date" , I had a "date" with DH today for tea and two Tim Bits at Timmy"s. For those non Canadians among us, Timmy's is really Tim Horton's, a doughnut and coffee shop that does nice drinks, hot and cold ( Iced Cappuccino  in the summer is to DIE for!) , sandwiches, soup and treats! Timmy's is all across Canada and there are a few outlets in the US. Very nice little break. Thanks, DH xxoo! BTW, Tim Bits are the doughnut holes! Good for diabetic dieters on a wee spree!

step 1

step 2

the piece to date
Can you spot the little change of heart? Not major, but I like it better!


  1. ooh! a sour cream Tim Bit! The leaves look amazingly real!

  2. Yes...It's a good change. I like it.

  3. I'm frequent visitor to Tim's as well to meet friends. I try to skip the treats most of the time.
    I love all the different shades you've achieved in the leaves and especially the last brownish leaf. All the colors make it very lush an textural

  4. What elle said. Are you sure those leaves aren't real (plant matter, that is)?! Wow!

  5. I first I thought they were real :)