Of All Things

Well, of SOME  things, anyway! It is cold, windy and snowy- generally inhospitable , so we are inundated by hungry, furry and feathered friends here.
Pity the photos have to be so small. Ohh! I can enlarge them :-)

Almost every Cardinal in the valley is here ! What is the collective noun for Cardinals??

And one of only TWO grey squirrels. We have many many black ones - and they are ALL ravenous.

I have started on a new piece of work. It is based on one of a series of photos I took late last fall of Virginia Creeper on a wire fence in Waterdown. I also took a number of pics of wild grape on the same fence. I just LOVE the photos. Hope I can do them justice. This is not very far along so it looks pretty silly at this point.

This is NOT doctored! The fruit WAS that blue and the leaves and twigs WERE that red! 
...And here we are to date. Lost the light now so I shall wait till morning to do some more.
OK, I guess that accounts for the weekend. We have both been busy. My DH has been carpenting for me all weekend- almost finished now , and I have been cutting and sticking and finishing up after the carpenter has finished his work. We are rarely at loose ends looking for something to keep us busy here.

Hope your weekend has been productive - and safe and warm. SO many people have had accidents . Please keep safe and keep warm and dry.


  1. This is so good already, I also love the photo, it is fantastic.

  2. That photo is lovely...all those rich reds and purples and blue.