A Diaper Bag :-)

I have stopped doing art in order to make a diaper bag for this VERY active babe who is about to join our family :-) He is currently giving his Mum no peace and , as a result, I get lots of iMessages almost every day giving us a blow by blow description of the goings on! We are all very happy and excited. Seven weeks to go as of today. I never would have believed it possible! God DOES work in mysterious ways- and we are SO grateful!

I made a prototype bag before Christmas as some may recall. ( see Diaper Bag) Katherine and I worked together to decide where and how many pockets would be good. She chose the fabrics and I am making the bag- from an Indygo Junction pattern called Grids and Grommets. It is a great bag.

We decided to amend the original pattern and to add outside pockets to it as well as bigger ones inside. I have finished the outside bag body and have the front and back pockets on.
Here is one side with a big single pocket. I put a paper in so you could see it a bit more easily.

And here is the other side with a double pocket.

The sides fold in eventually. I made a pleat at the bottom of each pocket and gathered the top edges with a bit of elastic to keep the pockets from flopping open too much. Before I go much further, I intend to make bar tacks at the vulnerable corners to keep the pockets from pulling away with use.

I have the pockets on  the lining now and am about to sew up the side seams, make the squared bottom and put the band along the top edge. NB: This is NOT shaping up to be a "pink or blue" baby! So far, it appears that he will get lots of stimulation from all sorts of bright, cheerful colours. Please stay tuned for the finished product- soon, I hope, as I have another exciting project on the go which I shall announce soon :-)
See what I mean! Not subtle colours. This is the big single pocket and the split one is on the other side. 


  1. It's always nice to have input from the recipient. This way, you know it will be used successfully. Some bags look good but may be skimpy in terms of pockets.
    Any names yet?

  2. I love the fabric and colour of the bag. The elastic in the pocket tops is a great idea.

    I never used baby blue or pastels with my sons. I always used bright primary colours because I thought it would give them a stimulating and fun environment. My friends thought I was very odd but both sons turned to be very gifted children and very gifted adults:)